Joey Logano breaks down ‘a really cool and pretty neat thing’ about winning the NASCAR Cup titles

Joey Logano is one of the only two multiple active Cup champion in NASCAR.

Joey Logano breaks down ‘a really cool and pretty neat thing’ about winning the NASCAR Cup titles

Joey Logano (Via IMAGO)

Team Penske Racing secured their first-ever back-to-back NASCAR Cup Series title in 2023 as Ryan Blaney’s impressive clutch run in the final five races of the season helped him to land the championship. It was Roger Penske’s second title in the Next-Gen area, as in 2022, the first year of the 7th-gen cars, Joey Logano won the title.

While Blaney entered into the elite list of Cup champions, he has a lot more to do to match Logano. The No:22 Ford driver is the only multiple-time champion in the garage alongside Kyle Busch who is still racing at the premier division. Being the champion came with a lot of perks and some cool things come with it.


Logano while talking at the 2023 NASCAR Awards where Blaney was celebrated for his title triumph, pointed out that there are cool things that come with being a champion and though for outsiders it might seem small, for drivers it means a lot. One of the cool things according to him is having the champion logo on the fire suit every week forever.

We talked a few times about it, just about the cool parts about it. The things that seem small to some but actually to a driver mean a lot — like you put the champion logo underneath the NASCAR bars on your race suit. That’s a really cool thing to have; you see that every weekend and it’s there forever. That’s pretty neat.
Logano said, as reported by RACER.

Joey Logano explains how the Cup title win helps a lot of families

The two-time Cup champion also detailed some cool facts about the championship triumph that might never be known to the public. He pointed out that the champion gets to learn how his championship win helped some families associated with the sponsors during the tour after the season.

Bubba Wallace and Joey Logano (Via IMAGO)
Bubba Wallace and Joey Logano (Via IMAGO)
It’s a lot of odds and ends, little things. You go on tour and you meet a lot of the people that were a part of the team that you may not have known were a part of the team. When you go visit the headquarters of your sponsors and that type of thing. And, you see the impact that it’s really made from (winning) the championship financially to a lot of families. That part is really cool.

Going into the 2024 season Logano’s primary target will be to have a solid fight for the title, after a disappointing end to his title defense. The Penske side will be hoping to continue their Championship sweep in the Next-Gen era.


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