Joey Logano breaks down how NASCAR fans are deprived of true super-speedway racing during playoffs

Super-speedway racing has long been one of the best products of NASCAR.

Joey Logano breaks down how NASCAR fans are deprived of true super-speedway racing during playoffs

Bubba Wallace and Joey Logano (Via IMAGO)

Two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Joey Logano believes that the superspeedway races in the playoffs don’t offer the same final product as similar events during the regular season. He pointed out that the regular season races have more originality because the teams are not burdened by the responsibility of alliances.

The super-speedway races have long been an integral part of NASCAR with its most iconic event being the Daytona 500. What makes them special is the chaos during the race. The racers are able to withstand the pressure and survive the carnage till the start-finish line becomes part of NASCAR legends. It’s the only form of racing in NASCAR where anyone who is driving in theory a contender for the win.


While talking about the 2024 Cup series schedule, the Team Penske Racing driver Logano has pointed out the flow of racing in speedways during playoffs. He pointed out that since drafting is a big part of such races, the teams who have alliances are obliged to help the playoff contender unlike in the regular season race where everyone goes for the win. He admitted that this approach takes out something from the races during playoffs.

For every team, a win is huge in the regular season. For a playoff team in the playoffs, the win is huge. If you’re not in the playoffs, it’s not as big of a deal. It’s just not…So, when you go to those races, the alliances and who works together and all that, it’s weighted towards the playoff guy. I think that takes something away from speedway racing.
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Joey Logano is fine with having an additional Road Course race in the playoffs

Logano pointed out that he sees no issues with having an RC race in the playoffs over ovals. He says that winning the Cup titles is about showcasing the drivers’ skills in all kinds of tracks and having the Road Course event just broadens the sample size. The issue man sees with such events is the fact that there are tracks of a wildcard nature and often have unexpected winners that could derail title campaigns of drivers who had a better year.

July 29, 2023, Richmond, VA, United States of America: NASCAR, Motorsport, USA Cup Series Driver, Joey Logano (22) gets
Joey Logano (Via IMAGO)
Adding another road course, that’s okay. That’s all right. You know, I mean, part of winning a NASCAR championship is you have to be good at all the race tracks, whether it’s a super-speedway or a road course or a half-mile or a mile-and-a-half, or whatever comes at you. You’ve got to be good at all of them if you’re going to win.

The 2023 season has been a tough battle for Joey Logano. He struggled pretty hard to be consistently competitive and had a disappointing title defense that ended in an early playoff exit.  But Team Penske racing can have good hopes going to the 2024 season considering they have found solid grounds towards the end with Ryan Blaney‘s clutch five-race streak to win the title.



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