“We need to continue and pour the gas on the fire,” Kyle Busch is hungry for more after the milestone Fontana win

Kyle Busch doesn't mind the preparations for the playoffs; he wants to continue to fight for wins.

“We need to continue and pour the gas on the fire,” Kyle Busch is hungry for more after the milestone Fontana win

Kyle Busch, Image via Twitter

Kyle Busch joined Richard Childress Racing for the 2023 season and has already given them their first win for this season. At the Auto Club Speedway, Busch put up a strong fight with Chase Elliott and Ross Chastain. He beat both of them and snatched the first place. With this win, Busch is the only driver to have a win in 19 consecutive seasons in NASCAR.

This comes as a surprise, as one would think he needs some time to adapt to his new team. But, it looks like he is comfortable with the car and has no issues. This is just the second race of the year, and Busch brought glory to his new team. Kyle Busch opened up on his move from Joe Gibbs Racing to Richard Childress Racing.


He explained, “I felt like there was going to be a little bit of a learning experience, a little bit of a growth pattern. But also, on the flip side of that, I always just kind of looked back and watched some of the results and success that they had last year with Austin Dillon”. Kyle Busch is over the moon about having an opportunity to win with RCR. He believes they are making history. There is no doubt about that.

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Kyle Busch is here to satisfy his insatiable hunger

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Kyle Busch, Image via Twitter.

Ever since the playoff system was implemented in NASCAR, the teams that have had early wins focused more on the preparation for the playoffs. However, Busch wants to challenge himself more and aim for wins. Especially now that he knows what his car is capable of. He stated, “I would say that we need to continue and pour the gas on the fire right now and go out there and continue to get wins and have fast cars and run up front. We want to get those playoff points. Playoff points are a big deal for the end of the year. I’ve won a couple of championships, having a lot of playoff points”  

Busch attributes his wins to the playoff points and stated that in the years he didn’t have much, he never made it far. So he is clear about what he needs to do. The Fontana winner admitted that he can now take more risks with his team in case of pitting or getting tires. He stated that it opened up more opportunities for him.

NASCAR’s “Candy Man” wants to focus on the Cup Series, and get a few more wins. His achievements are never-ending. There is a long list of accomplishments for the two-time Cup Series Champion. Despite several awards and achievements throughout his career, Kyle Busch still has the same fire and is hungry for more.


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