Kyle Larson calls out NASCAR for handling of the Byron-Hamlin clash at Texas  

Find out what Kyle Larson had to say about his dissatisfaction with the way NASCAR handled the Byron-Hamlin clash at Texas.

Kyle Larson
Kyle Larson

William Byron was docked 25 championship points by NASCAR for intentionally spinning Denny Hamlin under caution. The HMS driver also had to pay a 50,000 fine. The backlash NASCAR faced for not penalizing Byron right away prompted the organization to impose a severe penalty.

NASCAR refused to penalize the Hendrick Motorsports driver mid-race, claiming the officials missed the incident. This led a heavy backlash from drivers as well as fans. They called out NASCAR for its HMS bias and double standards.

Now, NASCAR’s decision to regain its credibility has also backfired. The organization is now facing criticism over the severity of Byron’s penalty. Critics pointed out that NASCAR’s inability to act at the right time cost the youngster his championship chances.

Defending cup champion and Byron’s HMS teammate Kyle Larson is the latest high-profile individual to call out NASCAR for its handling of the crash. Larson suggested NASCAR made a bigger mistake by not addressing the issue right at that time.

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Find out what Kyle Larson said

hendrick motorsports
Kyle Larson and William Byron

Kyle Larson is sad that NASCAR should have penalized Byron by placing him at the tail of the grid in the restart. He added that they also had the option to penalize him by a lap. Larson pointed out that his teammate would have overcome the penalty and wouldn’t have lost 25 championship points.  

“If NASCAR would have just probably done their job at the moment and whatever that may have been, you know, put him to the tail on the longest line, even penalized them a lap, he would have overcome that and it wouldn’t have been a 25-point or 25-position loss,” Kyle Larson said on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio.

Kyle Larson said that William Byron made a mistake. He pointed out that it was NASCAR who committed the biggest mistake by claiming they missed the incident. Larson added that the organization should have done a better job in handling the situation.

William made a mistake and NASCAR in the end probably made a bigger mistake by claiming that they missed it. So, I think, if they would’ve done their jobs a little bit better, it all would have just gotten handled at the moment,” Kyle Larson added.

What are your thoughts on Larson’s words?

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