NASCAR heavily penalizes Kevin Harvick for infraction

NASCAR heavily penalizes Kevin Harvick for infraction

Kevin Harvick

NASCAR has announced the penalties for the Talladega race weekend. Kevin Harvick was hit with a huge penalty for modification of the Next-Gen car parts. He is the second driver to suffer such a fate after Brad Keselowski, who got caught at the start of the season.

The penalty was imposed after an L-2 level infraction was found on single-source parts. NASCAR took Kevin Harvick’s and Martin Truex Jr’s cars from Talladega to R&D Center for Random evaluation. The penalty has constrained the No:4 team’s shot at the owner’s championship title.

Kevin Harvick will be docked 100 championship points and the No:4 team is also penalized 100 owners’ championship points. Harvick’s crew chief  Rodney Childers is suspended until the season finale. He will also have to pay a $100,000 fine.

Though Martin Truex Jr’s car was taken with Harvick, no penalty was imposed on the JGR veteran. The penalty is a big blow to Harvick who has been vocal on Next-Gen cars safety. The penalty stains the veteran’s credibility among fans.

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How Kevin Harvick and Rodney Childers reacted to the penalty

Kevin Harvick
Rodney Childers and Kevin Harvick

Kevin Harvick and Rodney Childers might have been surprised by the penalty imposed on them. Soon after the news was broken Rodney Childers retweeted the graphics with a comment that read “shocker”.

Kevin Harvick published a Tweet that read “seems strange” soon after the news broke. Though he didn’t mention anything about the penalty, it is safe to assume that his comments were a dig at NASCAR.

Along with Kevin Harvick, NASCAR has also announced penalized Truck series crew chief Andrew Abbott. Young’s Motorsports No:20 teams crew chief is suspended for violating the NASCAR Member Code of Conduct.

What are your thoughts on Harvick’s penalty?

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