Ross Chastain does not see Denny Hamlin as the ‘mouthpiece for the entire garage’

Find out what Ross Chastain said about why he thinks Denny Hamlin doesn’t speak for the entire cup drivers when it comes to car safety.

Ross Chastain
Ross Chastain and Denny Hamlin (Images via IMAGO/ USA Network)

Denny Hamlin has been one of the most outspoken cup drivers this season regarding the safety of the Next-Gen car. The JGR veteran, along with Kevin Harvick, has called out NASCAR on multiple occasions recently. Hamlin doubled on his criticism following the Texas playoff race. It was a shit-show.

HMS driver Alex Bowman was ruled out of the Talladega race following the concussion he suffered. He will also miss the coming race in ROVAL. Drivers and fans expected the Talladega race last Sunday to produce similar troubles. But to everyone’s surprise, it was one of the cleanest races of 2022.

Drivers such as Talladega race winner Chase Elliott didn’t back off from their views on the Next-Gen car’s safety. Trackhouse Racing driver Ross Chastain had some different angles to share regarding the comments of drivers who have been speaking out on car safety.

Ross Chastain has denounced the notion that Denny Hamlin’s words on Next-Gen car’s safety represent the whole NASCAR cup garage’s views. The championship contender doesn’t see the drivers who are silent on the issues, having a similar opinion the veteran shares.

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Find out what Ross Chastain said

Ross Chastain
Ross Chastain

Ross Chastain said that drivers say what they want and they don’t speak for all on everything. He pointed out that Hamlin isn’t the mouthpiece of the whole garage. Chastain said that Hamlin is wrong in saying that some drivers are happy to be in the cup championship which is why they are silent.

Drivers say what they want to say. They don’t speak for all of us in everything they say. Denny says look these guys are just being quiet because they’re happy to be here. But like we have our own thoughts too I know I do and everything he says isn’t just the mouthpiece for the entire garage,” Ross Chastain said.

Ross Chastain pointed out that sometimes it is hard to be quiet on certain issues than to speak out. He said that there are a lot of pinpoint efforts being done in NASCAR for car safety. Chastain added that he expects to see these changes soon.

So, sometimes saying less is more though and there’s a better way to do it than just doing that. So, a lot of talking and a lot of really a lot of pinpointed efforts to move the safety front forward and you’ll we’ll see that coming soon,” Ross Chastain added.

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