‘RIDICULOUS,’ NASCAR shuts down claims that Kevin Harvick is penalized for speaking out on Next-Gen car

‘RIDICULOUS,’ NASCAR shuts down claims that Kevin Harvick is penalized for speaking out on Next-Gen car

Kevin Harvick

NASCAR has found itself in hot water following the Talladega penalty report. Kevin Harvick was severely penalized for an infraction of single vendor-supplied parts. The No:4 team will lose 100 championships and owners’ points. Crew chief Rodney Childers is suspended till the season finale and is fined $100,000.

The organization is accused of taking revenge on the Stewart Hass Racing veteran for speaking up on the Next-Gen car. Harvick has been one of the most vocal drivers on the grid regarding the safety of 7th gen cars. The veteran’s playoff campaign was cut short by the multiple issues his car had though out the Round of 16.

Fans were quick to call out NASCAR through social media, accusing the organization of punishing the ex-champion for speaking out. Now NASCAR President Steve Phelps has come forth shutting down the claims of the punitive nature of the penalty. He also opened up about the NASCAR driver’s safety while speaking on a Women in Motorsports panel at Charlotte.

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Find out what NASCAR president Steve Phelps said

NASCAR president Steve Phelps

Steve Phelps labeled the accusations ridiculous. He pointed out that NASCAR doesn’t have any vendetta against SHR, Harvick, or the No:4 team. NASCAR boss added that the penalty was imposed after multiple assessments. He added that the No:4 team will appeal against it if they find are wronged.

I would say that’s ridiculous. No one has a vendetta against Kevin Harvick or Rodney, at all, or anyone at Stewart-Haas Racing. Our guys are very good. They are going to look at (an infraction). Look at it again. Look at it a third time to make sure there’s a penalty and the penalty is right. If the four-team thinks that’s not right, they will file an appeal,” Steve Phelps said.

Steve Phelps later talked about driver safety concerns. He pointed out that there is a need to do everything they can to make sure drivers feel safe in the vehicles. He added that they have a plan moving forward set to gain drivers’ trust in car safety. The NASCAR official said that their goal is to be the safest motorsport on the planet.

We need to do everything we can to make our drivers feel safe in the vehicles. We certainly care about their safety. We’re working on things … to make sure we have a plan moving forward so that gaining trust can be better. Our goal is obviously to be the safest motorsport on the planet,” Steve Phelps added.

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