Al Harrington Net Worth in 2024: How much is the former NBA forward and Cannabis mogul worth? 

Know all about the Former NBA forward who has built his cannabis empire following retirement and the amount of wealth he has amassed over the years.

Al Harrington Net Worth in 2024: How much is the former NBA forward and Cannabis mogul worth? 

Al Harrington

Al Harrington has had a versatile professional career in basketball. The power forward played 16 seasons in the NBA until 2014. Across his professional career, Al Harrington had amassed an impressive net worth and would later go on to invest in the cannabis industry. 

Drafted by the Indiana Pacers in 1998, Al Harrington debuted in the NBA at the age of 18. He would play for the franchise until 2004 and spent two seasons with the Atlanta Hawks until returning to the Pacers for one more season. 


Harrington played short stints with the Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks, Denver Nuggets, Orlando Magic and Washington Wizards, before moving to China to play professionally overseas. So exactly how much wealth has Al Harrington amassed over the years and what is his net worth in 2023?

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Al Harrington Net Worth 

Al Harrington
Al Harrington (NBA)

Former NBA professional and entrepreneur Al Harrington has a net worth of about $40 million in 2024. He has earned a significant amount of his impressive wealth from his NBA contracts and player salaries. Harrington invested in the Cannabis industry and has earned remarkable success in the field. 


His all-around business interests are operated by the Harrington Group, which handles his other partnership ventures. He, along with Allen Iverson, launched ‘The Iverson Collection’ of cannabinoid products. 

Contracts and Salary

Al Harrington

Having played with different NBA franchises over the years, Al Harrington has earned an estimated $89,104,851 from his professional career. He had earned his career highest $19,235,125 during the two seasons he spent with the New York Knicks. Harrington signed the most expensive contract of his career, worth $35,303,750 for four years with the Indiana Pacers in August 2006.


Protege shoes

During his NBA career, Al Harrington launched his own line of signature sneakers named Protege. The most popular of the series, Harrington featured the Protege A3H on the NBA courts following 2009. The sneakers were exceptional for their budget-friendly cost and were retailed by Kmart. 


Although he mostly featured shoes of the Nike Zoom Kobe in the latter part of his career, Harrington largely endorsed his own brand of shoes. It wouldn’t be fair to say Protege flopped entirely, but the appeal of the shoe line died soon after.

Business Investments 

Al Harrington

Al Harrington has made a significant fortune from his investments in the cannabis industry. Following his retirement from professional basketball, Harrington established his own cannabis production firm Viola Brands. Originally named after his mother, the fact that she found relief in Cannabis during her treatment of glaucoma is what inspired Harrington to found the company. 

He would later invest further in the field, launching Harrington Wellness which produced cannabinoid products that were non-psychoactive in nature. He partnered with Butter Baby, which also produced a similar line of products, and all his business interests were handled under the Harrington Group. The former NBA professional may not have achieved Immense individual success during his playing career, but he sure has amassed a significant fortune from his professional and business investments. 


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