“I need his jersey”: Chris Paul praises Ja’Marr Chase after the rook sets the stage hot at his play-offs debut

Chris Paul praises Ja'Marr Chase for his electrifying performance in playoffs debut.

Chris Paul and Ja'Marr Chase
Chris Paul and Ja'Marr Chase

Chris Paul is one of the most unique talent the league has ever seen as he runs the  position of point guard while making bold statements with his on-court skills for registering a spot in the list of Top-5 point guards of all-time. Currently Paul plays for Phoenix Suns after he saved the Oklahoma City Thunder a season prior and is now committed with the role of a leader as he led the Valley to National Basketball Association’s Finals last season. This season again the Phoenix Suns under Chris’ leadership are dominating the league with the best record while leading the western conference as they stand high with 32 wins and 9 losses being a Championship contender team.

Chris Paul is a awesome player who loves to play basketball and is also a great sportsperson as his on court activities reflect even though he loves to heckle his opponents on line. Everyone is well aware  about Chris Paul’s journey in the league of NBA and his immense love for Basketball. But something which isn’t really talked a lot about is the guard not limiting himself to just the game of basketball but also taking active participation in bringing forward and enjoying other team sports like Football.

Chris Paul
Chris Paul

Chris Paul is one such star who loves American Football as he enjoys spectating the heated and close contested match-ups of National Football League as he is oftentimes seen in attendance and speaking out loud about his opinions on the game. As the play-offs at National Football League have started and are fiery hot Paul taking on to his personal Twitter handle showed some of his respect by praising the rook Ja’Marr Chase after he won it all for his team making history.

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Chris Paul praises Ja’Marr Chase

Ja'Marr Chase
Ja’Marr Chase

Chris Paul taking on to his Twitter handle quoted: “I need a Ja’Marr Chase jersey!!” as the game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Las Vegas Raiders ended. Every credit for this historic wins of Bengals goes to Ja’Marr Chase as he stepped up and dominated the the game which resulted in a play-off victory for Bengals after 31 years. Ja’Marr Chase was drafted fifth overall in the 2021 National Football League’s Draft and since then has been successful in shutting every critic down and recently he even gained a piece of NBA Star Chris Paul’s respect.

Ja’Marr Chase is only 21 years old and showing up as a elite wide receiver in the league while drawing some great attention. In his play-off debut he had a electrifying performance as he caught 9 passes in 116 yards which results in his team winning something not someone who keeps up with NFL would expect. But again Chase had some different plans which he executed well and the results are shown and talked around the globe as even Chris Paul now wants a part of him in form of a jersey with his name registered.

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