Lakers register embarrassing record against top teams after 37-point blowout loss against Nuggets

LeBron James led Lakers register unwanted record after unfortunate thumping received via the hands of Denver Nuggets.


It’s most likely best assuming LeBron James begins searching for other possible establishments to move to. Since to be perfectly honest, to win another ring, it won’t accompany the Lakers.

The Lakers won the title in 2020, however in the season just after it, the establishment neglected to escape the first round, losing to inevitable finalists, Phoenix Suns.

Nikola Jokic and LeBron James - FirstSportz
Nikola Jokic and LeBron James

At the point when that occurred, the association apparently chose to bet everything, significantly more so than they had as of now. They let nearly their entire program go to get new players, the greatest name of which was Russell Westbrook. This was presently something else altogether that appeared as though they could be the West’s solution to the Brooklyn Nets. Furthermore, at that point, it unexpectedly felt like we had a finals matchup on our hands.

LeBron James
LeBron James

What occurred all things considered very much we should simply say it just couldn’t be composed. The group wavered, stars got harmed, there was no defence, thus significantly more. There were present an entire host of issues with the team, and not a single answer for be seen.

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The Lakers have not won a single game with a .500 team in a month


For those that may not know what a .500 group is, it alludes to a group that has as many, or a greater number of successes than misfortunes in the season.

After 43 games, the team presently stands 21-22, really great for seventh in the Western Conference. A team that was promoted to be in the Finals, is presently doing whatever they can to clutch the play-in spot they have. Embarrassing doesn’t start to characterize it.

Since December fifteenth, the Lakers have had 6 opportunities to play against such teams. The Lakers will need to break this streak quickly, and it seems they get an opportunity to in their exceptionally next game against the Utah Jazz, with a 28-14 record, and the fourth seed. Definitely, the record could be refreshed to 0-7.

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