“Losing his friendship….” Charles Barkley remains stubborn on Michael Jordan being surrounded by WRONG people

The friendship between Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley was one of the best things in the NBA. However, in a recent podcast, Chuck revealed that they haven't talked to each other after their fallout.

Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan
Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan

You can expect Charles Barkley to be everything but a dishonest person with his words. Despite the controversies surrounding him all the time for his hot and unfiltered takes, Barkley remains the fan favorite. In a recent podcast, Barkley opened up about his friendship and fallout with Michael Jordan who once was his best friend. Charles said that he and Jordan have not spoken in 10 years. 

Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan were friendship goals for people around the NBA for decades. Their friendship started when they were playing in the NBA. Both the former NBA stars also appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s show and opened up about their friendship. While Jordan made fun of Barkley’s horrendous style of swinging the golf stick, Barkley kept embarrassing Michael saying that he is surrounded by kiss-ass people. 

Unfortunately, the Hall of Fame players has not been on talking terms for years. In a recent podcast of “Let’s Go!” with Tom Brady and Jim Gray, Charles opened up about his unfortunate fallout with the Bulls legend. When he was asked if there has been any ramifications for his brutal honest broadcasting style. Charles said, “I think probably, me and Michael were best friends, …..losing his friendship was probably the most prominent thing that’s happened to me.” Perhaps Barkley was talking about his opinion on the Charlotte Bobcats which he spoke of in 2012. Referring to the Bobcats and Washington Wizards while Jordan was an NBA executive. 

However, Charles Barkley still stood for what he said to Michael Jordan and said that that’s what he would do with his friends, he would get honest with them. For Barkley, when you are famous there are very few people in the work who would remain honest with you. Once people start to depend on you for their drinks and party they tend to lose their honesty. One of the reasons Barkley tried to surround himself with people who would call him in his face when he is screwing things up or making bad decisions. Despite his openness and honesty, Barkley still regrets that he lost his best friend. He remarked, “he was my best friend at the time. And I love the dude like a brother and we’re both stubborn and we haven’t talked.”

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Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan’s friendship was everything we want

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Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley

From fierce competitors on the court to best friends off the court, the Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley friendship was a brand of special relationship in the NBA. Both the NBA legends maintained their friendship even after their NBA career was over. However, it is heartbreaking to hear Barkley speak of Michael and their broken relationship. 

Barkley and Jordan often hung out after the game either to play golf together or to try their hands at poker. As Jordan once acknowledged on Oprah Winfrey’s show that Charles was his best friend and perhaps the best part of Barkley was his honesty. Michael also candidly made fun of Barkley’s hesitation swing in golf. Even Barkley made fun of Jordan and remarked that Jordan had an ugly face and he looks handsome to people because he is rich.

Many people have remarked Barkley is a national treasure for his wit, making the funniest remarks. Barkley can also joke upon himself. He has struck a new friendship with his long-time rival and former NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal. They are often found throwing candid remarks on the NBA on TNT.

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