“Let me get ma’ autograph”- Electrified Michael Jordan once hustled to receive his MLB Idol’s autograph

The 1993 event has a special place in Ken Griffey's history being followed for playing tremendously opposite Michael's favorite MLB team.

Michael Jordan | Ken Griffey Jr.
Michael Jordan | Ken Griffey Jr.

Michael Jordan is a legend and qualifies as one of those sportspersons who has a massive fanbase across continents. It’s no news that people crush on him and practically adore him. But to believe that ‘the Michael Jordan’ himself adores someone else to the extent of following them is a hard pill to swallow. Well as it appears, Michael once followed Ken Griffey Jr. right after his Mariner’s game fanboying him.

The greatest basketballer we’ve known was often spotted at the Chicago White Sox games at the peak of his fame game. He followed the Seattle Mariner‘s rising star Ken Griffey Jr. who played against the Chicago White Sox. The moment was hilarious as it was pleasantly surprising for the upcoming talent Ken when he learned that Michael himself rushed behind him through the crowd.

As Michael rushed towards Ken Griffey Jr. in the above video, he pick up a bat and say, “Let me get ma’ autograph.” Smiling as if a kid in a candy store.

The incident closed with Michael raising his bat for Ken’s autograph. Michael Jordan wore his white 23 jersey, as he handed over the bat to Ken for signing. The announcements at the space couldn’t even get enough of the scene as they saw the NBA legend rushing for getting his bat inscribed.

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Michael Jordan followed the protocol and granted Ken- ‘a gift of all time’

Ken Griffey Jr.
Ken Griffey Jr.

The definite protocol with someone as great as Michael Jordan himself is securing his autograph just as he is spotted. Ken was definitely honored as the great Michael received his signature but didn’t lose the opportunity to ask Michael for his autograph too. The clip shows, Ken following the basketballer back as he fanboyed him back.

Jordan for being as great and as relaxed as he always is agreed to sign for Ken Griffey Jr. He was spotted taking off his 23 White Jersey and signing it for an impressed Ken with a rather precious present. Well, the whole incident sent fans crazy as they saw fanboying at its best with back-to-back autographs being exchanged.

One thing is for sure, mutual respect and an eye for spotting talent has been interesting personality trait whenever it comes to athletes. The love and respect they share for each other’s sports and gameplay is not only immense but defined by such great (and humorously memorable) moments in history.

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