“That punch on my chest changed my whole life” Dennis Rodman reveals how Isiah Thomas’ punch to his chest got him on the right path

Read and know more about the hit straight at Dennis Rodman's chest by Isiah Thomas which changed his life.

Dennis Rodman
Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman is undoubtedly a very unique and unrepeatable superstar from the league. A player like him will probably never be in the league again and if in case anyone is successful in getting an entrance he’ll soon be out. The Worm has really set the bar too high for anyone to chase both on the court and off the court too. But the story wasn’t always the same for Dennis Rodman as the league was just a larger playground for him. And, back in the days before joining the Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls which was coached by Phil Jackson, he was a different animal out there.

Isiah Thomas
Isiah Thomas

Not many know about it but it was Isiah Thomas who brought him on the right path. We all are very aware of Dennis Rodman’s off-court stories, Vegas Trip, all the pretty girls he was linked with, Gay Clubs, multiple police arrests and being friends with North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and you name what. But sometimes we forget that all of this started during his time with Detroit Pistons where Dennis Rodman didn’t just win two NBA championships but also got his mind in the right place. As he really took Isiah Thomas’ hit on his chest personally.

Recently, a years old interview of Dennis Rodman resurfaced on the internet. As sitting alongside Jackie MacMullan, discussing his life he also talked about the life-changing incident he had during his time at Detroit which gave him a completely new perspective on the game. But unfortunately, all of that came with a good strong hit straight to his chest by Isiah Thomas who led the Bad Boys to two championships.

Detailing that particular moment on “NBA on ESPN”, Dennis Rodman quoted: “I was immature mentally wise but I was mature enough to play the game of basketball. I had the energy and the desire and the love and the heart to play basketball. And people loved that and people saw that in Detroit like I just want to play basketball.”

Dennis Rodman(R) with Isiah Thomas and Joe Dumars during the "Bad Boy Pistons" era
Dennis Rodman(R) with Isiah Thomas and Joe Dumars during the “Bad Boy Pistons” era

Further, Dennis Rodman added: “And, the fact that changed my whole life was one day Isiah came to me we playing a game in LA at Forum. And, I was at the half court just bending down and Isiah pulled me up and hit me in the chest so damn hard. He said ‘You know Dennis this ain’t just a game this is not a joke. We want to win a championship we gotta get your act together…we want to win.’ And, that right there changed my whole perspective on the NBA because I didn’t knew anything about the NBA lifestyle for me it was just like one big playground.”

Thanks to Isiah Thomas as that really changed Dennis Rodman and then he knew what he had to do. Today the Worm is known as the greatest rebounder to ever live, he’s a Hall of Famer and has multiple titles, awards, rewards, honors and records registered under his name.

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Dennis Rodman’s advice for younger self

Dennis Rodman
Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman has a lot of regrets and they start from his basketball decisions and end at the relationship he has maintained with his family. But when he was asked about the advice he has for his younger self (15 years old) the answer shocked the whole world. As he said: “Don’t go to Jail.”

The worm has been arrested for 100 times and more but has never been accused for a strong and long sentence as he was smart and knew his limits. Most of his charges and arrests were because of his partying habits. But now he knows all of that has harmed his name a lot so it’s fair to say that he gave the best possible advice.

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