Former Los Angeles Laker champion suspects Phoenix Suns gorilla mascot depicts racism covertly

Lamar Odom, the former NBA player, says that the Phoenix Suns' Go Gorilla mascot represents racism. He also expected fans and players like Chris Paul to speak against it.

Lamar Odom and Go Gorilla
Lamar Odom and Go Gorilla

Phoenix Suns‘ mascot Go Gorilla is among the most famous sports mascots in the world. The league games wouldn’t be as fun as it is if it were not for the NBA mascots. The teams’ mascots become as beloved as their teams are and perhaps become identical to the emotion of the team. From providing hilarious entertainment during half-time and timeouts of the game to doing trampoline acrobatics these mascots can bring life into the crowd. Benny the Bull and The Phoenix Suns’ Go Gorilla are perhaps the two most famous mascots in the NBA. They never cease to make their fans’ days memorable.

You could find Benny messing with his girlfriend; Gorilla throwing t-shirts and getting candid with fans in the stand. Among all, the Phoenix Suns’ Go Gorilla stands out from all. He not only entertains the crowd by poking fun at the fans, but he can also do some insane acrobatic trampoline jumps that can leave your jaws dropped. However, Lamar Odom the former NBA champion thinks, Go the Gorilla covertly depicts racism. 

Speaking about whether the Phoenix Suns’ Gorilla depicts racism, Odom said, “Come on, bro… Gorillas in the desert, you can’t find any. You can probably find a cactus.Odom also added to the fact that nobody from the Suns’ organization or players like Chris Paul has ever spoken about it. According to Lamar, the depiction has slid into the narrative as a normal daily sight but he said, “they kind of, like, slid that one by for all these years. Nobody, like, says anything about that.”

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Phoenix Suns get past Los Angeles Lakers to take top spot in Western Conference

Q 1669291381 - FirstSportz
Devin Booker being defended by Austin Reaves

The 2022-23 season has become a dense competition in the Western Conference. Within the past two weeks, as many as 3 teams have taken and lost the top spot in the conference. All three Portland Trail Blazers, Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns have secured the top spot in the conference only to lose to their next-in-line teams. On Tuesday, after their win against the Lakers, the Suns have taken the top spot in the Western Conference. 

Despite being a close game till the 4th quarter, the Lakers lost their grip on the game late in the clock. Mikal Bridges and Devin Booker both dropped a team-high 25 points each. Deandre Ayton also dropped 14 points and secured 14 rebounds for the team. The Lakers had a disappointing night as 4 of their players scored 0 points even after getting substantial time on the court. Anthony Davis, Lonnie Walker IV, and Russell Westbrook were the only players who scored 20 or more points for the team. After their loss against the Suns, the Lakers have fallen to the 14th spot in the Western Conference.

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