Gilbert Arenas gives his ‘unbiased’ take on the brutality of media and talks about their ‘double standards’ towards players

Former and current NBA players discuss media bias and trade request double standards in the league

Gilbert Arenas gives his ‘unbiased’ take on the brutality of media and talks about their ‘double standards’ towards players

Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas recently appeared on the podcast of current player Draymond Green, where they discussed a range of topics related to their experiences in the league. One issue that both players had strong opinions about was the double standards they see in the NBA.

During the conversation, Arenas spoke at length about media bias and how he believes that the media has an agenda and is not always fair in their coverage of NBA players. He pointed out that European players are often given a “free pass” for not winning championships, while American players are heavily criticized for the same thing. According to Arenas, this double standard might be due to race, with white players being treated more favorably than black players.


Green, on the other hand, talked about the double standard he sees in how trade requests are handled. He stated that teams can publicly announce that they want to trade a player and bench him until they find a deal, without facing any consequences.

However, if a player publicly asks for a trade, they can be fined and criticized by the media and fans. Green believes that this disparity is unfair and can have a negative impact on players’ mental health and overall well-being.

Both players’ comments shed light on important issues within the NBA, highlighting the need for greater fairness and transparency within the league. It is crucial that fans pay attention to these issues and work together towards creating a more equitable and just NBA for all players.


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Gilbert Arenas surprisingly gives the ULTIMATE compliment to Russell Westbrook amidst his trade to the Clippers

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook (Source: Twitter)

Amidst the growing concern around the league that Russell Westbrook might be declining, Gilbert Arenas threw a strong take on Westbrook’s importance in the league. While it is true that Arenas’ comments came before Russ was acquired by Los Angeles Clippers, it is also worth noting that the gossip of his draining shooting percentage has become a concern lately. According to Arenas, Westbrook is the kind of player that could change the fate of the team with his game. 

Speaking on the “No Chill” podcast, the former NBA player said that with his talent and the kind of game that he plays, Westbrook can easily change the fate of teams this year. “This man alone changes, who wins the championship this year.” Moreover, he added that his joining a championship-caliber team could already make it a clearcut favorite. “If he decides to say ‘y’ll wanna f**k with my name, y’all don’t think I can do this, I am going to Phoenix. I am already getting 43 million, I will take a dollar and I’ll go to Phoenix’ who is beating them?” said Arenas.


Arenas also added that if Russ comes off the bench in Phoenix, there is no chance that any team in the league can beat them. He also suggested that if Russ had joined the Celtics, it would have given them a clear-cut edge over the Milwaukee Bucks, and vice-versa. According to the former Washington Wizards star, if Westbrook joins any of the teams capable of making deep playoff runs, Westbrook gives them a clear edge over all the others. 

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