Gilbert Arenas makes despicable joke about Chicago’s gun violence in discussion about Bulls star joining LeBron James in LA

Lakers eyeing Zach LaVine in a potential trade with D'Angelo Russell.

Gilbert Arenas makes despicable joke about Chicago’s gun violence in discussion about Bulls star joining LeBron James in LA

Zach LaVine (via NBA)

Recent NBA trade rumors link the Los Angeles Lakers to Zach LaVine, a standout guard from the Chicago Bulls. This trade speculation is gaining attention, given the Lakers’ quest to strengthen their team. Rumors suggest the Lakers might include D’Angelo Russell in a trade for LaVine. Notably, the Lakers seem open to parting ways with the talented young player Austin Reaves.

According to veteran NBA player Gilbert Arenas, the Lakers seem willing to consider trading Austin Reaves. This sparked a debate among fans and experts about whether Reaves should be part of a deal centered on LaVine, given his perceived value to the Lakers.


In a recent talk filled with trade rumors, a controversial topic emerged. Specifically, in Chicago, where Zach LaVine now plays, there’s a concerning abundance of guns. This has sparked discussions about the impact on athletes, their families, and the community. Later in the story, Austin Reaves, nicknamed “AR-15,” may have distanced himself from it due to the sensitivity of the gun violence issue.

This selection mirrors a broader perception in sports to avoid inadvertently worsening long-term issues of gun crime. Amid trade talks and the changing NBA landscape, the potential addition of Zach LaVine to the Lakers is a captivating storyline. The personal choices of players like Austin Reaves and the delicate topic of gun violence highlight the broader social context in which these sports transactions occur.

Zach LaVine emerges as a top trade target for the Lakers

It is not only because he is the first person but, by now, Zach LaVine is recognized as the most important figure in this trade. In the NBA, he ranks as the leading scorer of all time and among the most available players for this season. Naturally, he is linked to the Lakers, of course.

Zach LaVine
Zach LaVine (via Sports Illustrated).

In addition to considering it among his top possible destinations, he is at once reciprocated by a similar affection of sorts from them. Yet, the report has differing degrees of interest. Lastly, veteran NBA writer Marc Stein brings a new perspective through his Substack newsletter as part of number ten.

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