Kendrick Perkins reckons to gift Duncan Robinson to help LeBron James, LA Lakers turn tables around

Kendrick Perkins reckons to gift Duncan Robinson to help LeBron James, LA Lakers turn tables around

LeBron James and Kendrick Perkins

LeBron James and the Lakers, with Anthony Davis out indefinitely, have a long and tough path ahead if they wish to make it to the playoffs. Kendrick Perkins assessed the Lakers’ current situation and believes adding another shooter might just take them out of their ongoing misery. It’s true that they haven’t resolved their shooting problems since last year, despite it being one of their top priorities.

Perkins suggested that the Lakers acquire the services of Duncan Robinson, and this could be the best Christmas gift LeBron James can get this year. Perkins said, “I like to give him Duncan Robinson,” Perkins said. “Right now, while he’s on the Lakers, he needs shooting. I would like to give him a shooter, a guy that he can rely on, a guy that can open up the lane and be a spacer.”

He further said, “Even if he doesn’t get the ball, you can use him as a decoy, to run sets, to allow LeBron to go to work. He hasn’t been a shooter in a long time, and Miami’s not using him right now. Matter of fact, he’s been in the dog house. That’s what I would like to give King James.”

The end of 2022 is quickly approaching, and the Lakers have yet to take any significant action to improve their roster. They will go through a little bit of a hard stretch over the next weeks since Anthony Davis will be out for at least a month due to a foot ailment. James will be responsible for doing the majority of the job for Los Angeles once more.

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The Lakers will require an unrealistic version of LeBron James in Anthony Davis’s absence.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis
LeBron James and Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers‘ main concern now revolves around LeBron James’ load and whether it was fair to ask more of him with Anthony Davis now out indefinitely.  James and the Lakers are approaching a type of fork in the road now that Davis’s long-term prognosis has become grimmer due to the stress injury in his foot that may cost him more time than the initial diagnosis determined.

LeBron James is without a doubt in the twilight of his career He is now attempting 21.9 shots, which is the second-most in his career, but his efficiency is drastically declining (48.6% would be his lowest since 2008).

His free throw percentage continues to decline while his 3-point attempts rise; his seven attempts per night are the second-highest total of his career, and his 30% shooting percentage is just slightly worse than his rookie season in terms of career lows.

Despite the declining numbers, it’s difficult to remember a 38-year-old looking this fantastic. The Lakers and many other franchises have been in questionable situations before, so it’s not the end of the world.

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