“Pretenders,” Shannon Sharpe questions Brooklyn Nets’ upward trajectory suggesting they only beat ‘weak’ teams

“Pretenders,” Shannon Sharpe questions Brooklyn Nets’ upward trajectory suggesting they only beat ‘weak’ teams

Brooklyn Nets and Shannon Sharpe

The Brooklyn Nets have a winning record of 9-1 in their last 10 games and they are officially in playoff contention in the Eastern Conference. Finally, the storm seems to settle down in Brooklyn as they continue to find their groove under Jacques Vaughn. Apart from their star players, the role players have also been doing their job of contributing as well. 


After a disappointing start in the season, Brooklyn Nets are now in the 4th spot in the Eastern Conference. The last time they won a match against a good team, it was Portland Trail Blazers a team with an excellent winning record. However, the last time they met, Blazers were shorthanded without their superstar Damian Lillard. 

The question about them being a playoff contention team still needs a positive response from many. One of them is Undisputed host Shannon Sharpe. Their 5 consecutive wins have come against Washington Wizards, Indiana Pacers, Toronto Raptors, Charlotte Hornets, and Atlanta Hawks. 

In a conversation with Skip Bayless on Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe called the Brooklyn Nets team, “pretenders.” “Pretenders. They’re not beating the Bucks, the Celtics, not sure they can beat the Sixers, healthy Joel Embiid and James Harden, Maxey is going to come back at some point in time. They are beating up on the weak teams,” said Sharpe. All the teams Sharpe mentioned are not only good teams in the East but also in the league right now which can easily win over the Nets.  


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Kevin Durant agrees with Shannon Sharpe’s reservation about Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Durant

Sharpe also brought up a few of the points from the stat sheet, that might legitimately question the validity of their newfound narrative. The Nets are one of the worst teams in the league in rebounding and 3-point shooting. Sharpe pointed out, “You’re 28th in rebounds per game, you’re 27th in rebound differential, 25th in opponent’s offensive rebounds and you’re 29th in opponent’s 3-point shooting, which is a recipe for what?” It is a recipe for being horrible in the postseason. 

Even Kevin Durant knows the recent winning record does not mean that his team is where he wants them to be. Durant admitted that the wins were largely due to a favorable schedule and the opponent team missing key players. “Favorable schedule, being at home for seven of those. Being able to wake up in our own beds and have our own routine at home definitely matters,” Durant said. “We also faced a couple of teams that were missing some guys, as well.”

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are two of the most prolific scorers the basketball Gods ever created. Both of these players can have the answer to any kind of defensive lineup put against them. Their last year’s meltdown can not be used against their legacy. Since he was named the head coach, Jacques Vaughn has done an excellent job of bringing the team together and letting Durant and Irving operate at their own pace.


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