“I had potential, but they didn’t believe in me” Kyle Kuzma explains how false narratives following Lakers trade put him in a “dark place”

Kyle Kuzma reveals the dark truth following Lakers trade and how it affected his career

Kyle Kuzma showed a lot of promise during his first few seasons playing in the NBA. He was viewed as a good player to build around especially after joining the Los Angeles Lakers after one of its greatest era came to an end. But eventually the notion of him having star potential came to an end.

Kyle Kuzma with the Wizards in 2021
Kyle Kuzma with the Wizards in 2021

The Lakers traded their newly crowned champion in order to acquire more veterans. This trade is now looked as one of the worst swaps made in recent history. Kuz revealed how being traded by the franchise put him in a “dark place” and the reasons were simply saddening.

He admitted that the trade only put false narratives around his name. “How people perceived me… it kind of hurt me a little bit,”  said Kuzma. People began to troll him for dropping off in statistics, but it was not necessarily his fault that he did not perform as well.

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Kyle Kuzma earns redemption with the Washington Wizards

Kyle Kuzma with LeBron James
Kyle Kuzma with LeBron James

Before being traded, Kyle Kuzma won his first championship with the Lakers. Although several people believed he contributed little to nothing for it, this may not have been the case. That season happened to be when Anthony Davis joined to take over the power forward position which Kuzma handled up until that point.

The player ended up coming off the bench and averaged 12 points per game ever since. Before that Kyle Kuzma was a regular 18 point per game scorer paired with LeBron James. He also had a very good shot from different points of the court. Considering the recent issues LAZ had with Frank Vogel, it could have been a matter of poor utilisation.

Once traded to the Washington Wizards, Kuz quickly rose to power as one of their top scorers. He also was a consistent starter for the team that averaged a good 17.1 points per game along with 8.5 rebounds, and 3.5 assists per game.

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