Kyrie Irving saga infused with more drama amid Nets owner’s ominous Twitter activity

Brooklyn Nets Owner send a cryptic message over twitter regarding Kyrie Irving situation, we dissect the message and Kyrie's contribution and options.

Kyrie Irving of Brooklyn Nets
Kyrie Irving - Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets Star Kyrie Irving seems to be heading out of the franchise as owner Joe Tsai sends a cryptic message over the player’s future. Though it is not clear whether the tweet was directed toward the megastar, it’s quite obvious that the owner looks at the team more than a single player and have plenty of things on his plate.

After 1st round exit from the 2022 NBA playoffs, there was a huge question mark over the “superteam” assembles at Brooklyn. Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving formed an explosive offensive team, but things didn’t work well in their 1st complete season together. Durant missed a few games due to injury, Kyrie had personal issues, and Harden didn’t feel settled at the Eastern powerhouse. Harden Jumped out of the ship midway in the season, and Durant and Irving were capable of a string the team deep in the postseason. Boston Celtics gave them a reality check, as they won the opening series 4-0 against the Nets. Following this, many raised questions about Kyrie’s commitments, and now GM send a near clear message over the future of the Nets guard.        

Despite all the activity that has been going on in the NBA over the past week or so, there is no bigger news than that involving Kyrie Irving and his future with the Brooklyn Nets. Right now, the departure of the seven-time All-Star from his current team has become a real possibility. The drama intensified with Nets owner Joe Tsai getting involved. The 58-year-old billionaire just liked a random tweet that has an underlying message about how the team is always more important than anyone.

Kyrie Irving and Brooklyn Nets destined to part ways?

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant in action against the Celtics
Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant

Since the “Super team” formation, the Nets have won just 1 playoff series. Interestingly team winning against the Nets made it to the NBA finals in that season. Nevertheless, with failure to deliver in 3 seasons, Brooklyn Nets would be looking seriously at their roaster and former rookie of the year Kyrie Irving’s attitude so far has not been on his side.

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The team and Kyrie Irving are reportedly at an impasse regarding a new deal. On the day of the NBA Draft, reports indicated that Irving has a list of potential sign-and-trade destinations if he does not reach a deal with the Nets on a new deal.

With this, we have now reached the stage of looking at an executive’s Twitter activity. Joe Tsai, the owner of the Nets, liked a tweet that read “team and culture > one player.” The original tweet comes from a self-professed fan of Nets general manager Sean Marks. It reads as follows:

“Just drove by Sean Marks exit on my way to work. I didn’t see white smoke. But I know that man is cooking. IN SEAN MARKS WE TRUST. Team and culture > any one player. Excited to get back to Nets basketball.”

It’s very much possible that we’re reading too much into this. Then again, Joe Tsai’s Twitter activity could also be an indication of how he feels about all this drama. On some other reports from ESPN senior NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski, Irving had the LA Lakers, LA Clippers, The Knicks, Philadelphia 76ers, Dallas Mavericks, and Miami Heat as destinations in a sign-and-trade deal. But, financially any of those teams have the cap space to make the move and they might need Brooklyn’s help to involve in the trade. On other hand, some of those teams are not interested in acquiring Irving, with the image he currently has in the league.

Kyrie Irving in action against the Cavaliers
Kyrie Irving

30-years old star played just 29 games total in the regular season and a total of 103 games in 3 season period with the Nets. In the 2022 season, Irving averaged his personal best of 27.4 points with 5.8 assists and 4.4 rebounds per game.

The message from the owner might be clear to the front office and they must have started working on it, while as of 2016 NBA Champion Kyrie Irving – he needs to find a suitable destination sooner if the rumors are true.

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