“They were teaching some life lessons” Matt Barnes and Chauncey Billups discuss the importance of veteran roster spot in today’s league

Is it important in every team to have some veteran experience to be able to win an NBA Championship? Matt Barnes gets honest on it.

Matt Barnes
Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes a coveted played during his time in the league, spoke about teams not giving importance to veteran players, which is very true due to such importance of a roster spots teams certainly forget that a veteran plays one of the major roles in dealing with players and understanding their opinions and helping them gel in the team and also involving the rookies and helping them in understanding the way In which the league operates.

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Veteran impact on teams aspiration for championship as per Matt Barnes

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Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes also shed light that teams are undervaluing their their veterans they tend to think that veterans play only for about 15-20 minutes and aren’t productive compared to the younger players who play more minutes and are efficient. The teams have to understand that the role of veterans is far from only being productive during matches they play an important role in handling the team’s chemistry and also play a role of being a mentor for the younger players and rookies. All the recent champions have had veterans in their teams be it Andre Iguadola for the Golden State Warriors or Jared Dudley for Los Angeles Lakers. Veterans play a vital role for teams aspiring championship seasons.

LeBron James and Kareem Abdul Jabbar
LeBron James and Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Veterans are also very underappreciated, they tend to take them lightly, teams should be considerate enough to understand that they need veterans for the stability of their roster, they should alos look at roles beyond the basketball aspect and also take notice about the importance of having a squad with th balance of young players and veterans.

In the modern NBA world, players cycle in and out of the league in a breakneck pace.the ones who stick around the league for a long time  universeally credit the veteran teammates for helping them to navigate the pitfalls in the NBA- both on and of the court-while also teaching the nuances of what it takes to develop into a true professional.

This doesn’t mean that the vets are rolling out the red carpet for younger players who are ultimately taking their roster spots. Lebron James is one such example of being a veteran and still l being on top of his game. He is in his 20th season and averaged 30 ppg for the previous season.

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