“The reunion in ON” NBA Fans loose their mind after James Harden gets spotted with Kevin Durant amid intense trade rumors

Fans react as video of Kevin Durant and James Harden working out together goes rival on the internet

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Kevin Durant has become a very controversial superstar over the last few years. The main reasons towards this notion is because of his quickness to lose interest or difficulties to build chemistry with his teammates. Although, the failures of the Brooklyn Nets cannot be blamed of him.

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

Nets point guard Kyrie Irving did not appear for the first half of the season due to his stance on the vaccination mandate. There were several other issues related to injuries and protocols. Player availability was a huge factor that eventually led to their downfall in the playoffs.

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Kevin Durant demands a trade from the Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving

Everyone expected Irving to demand a trade but the situation panned out quite the opposite. The former champion signed a one-year deal worth $36.5 million. Shortly after the finalisation, Kevin Durant wanted no part of the Nets’ upcoming season. The team is yet to find a proper trade package.

The front office has priced KD extremely high which is why no team has been able match the Nets demands. He is currently under contract until 2026 on a four-year deal worth $198 million. Currently, the Slim Reaper’s top destinations are the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers.

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Kevin Durant agrees to potential reunion with former Nets teammate

James Harden and Kevin Durant in 2012
James Harden and Kevin Durant in 2012

In February, James Harden who was playing for the Nets demanded a trade because he felt the team was now hungry enough for a title. He landed a spot on the Sixers roster and made it all the way to the second round of the playoffs. Injuries crippled the team which caused their exit.

Recently, Kevin Durant was spotted working out with the beard overseas. The former teammates were spotted at a facility in Barcelona. The video that went viral lacked quality but the silhouettes of the individuals match both parties. Fans had reacted to the odd sighting. Here are a few reactions.

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