“Both of us were messing with one cheerleader” Nick Young disrespectfully narrates how a Wizards personnel was fired after he slept with her

Nick Young admitted to having a illegitimate relationship with a cheerleader of the Wizards on VladTV amid the Ime Udoka scandal.

Nick Young
Nick Young

Many athletes, coaches, and club personnel have been engaged in relationships they shouldn’t have over the history of the NBA, including former Washington Wizards veteran Nick Young. He recently admitted in an interview that he and one of his former teammates were responsible for the firing of a cheerleader.

Ime Udoka, the head coach of the Boston Celtics, recently received a one-year suspension, which has sparked broader discussions regarding the frequent private relationships between NBA players and other league employees. After having a “intimate” connection with a woman on the team’s staff, Udoka was given a season-long suspension till 2022–23 last week. As if that weren’t shocking enough, Nick Young has now revealed that he once had a relationship with a cheerleader for the Wizards. On VladTV, Young discussed a time when he and his teammate Andray Blatche slept with a Wizards cheerleader during their first season in Washington.

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Nick Young’s brief stint with the Wizards

The self-described Swaggy P, Nick Young, was previously regarded as a member of Washington’s young core, along with players like Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee, one of whom is presently out of the NBA. Young deserves the same criticism that Blatche and McGee experienced during their stint in the capital, despite the fact that he has been banded in with them. Young served as Washington’s preferred offensive option for a number of seasons. The awful Wizards were somewhat watchable with John Wall in the back court. After averaging 17 points per game in the 2010–2011 NBA season, there were a few moments in Young’s time in Washington, that actually led some people to believe he was a decent player.

After spending a long time switching between teams like the Lakers, Clippers, Sixers, etc., he had a short spell with the Golden State Warriors, who handed him his first championship ring. In his time playing professional basketball, he was considered as a great 3-point shooter and was no stranger to controversies. His relationship and infidelity after, with Australian music artist Iggy Azalea made him most renowned. Nick became a bad boy of the 2010s as a result of the subsequent controversies.

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Young and the Wizards cheerleader scandal

Nick Young admitted to having an affair with a Washington Wizards staff member during his rookie season, saying she really lost her job as a result of “messing around” with him, in a one-on-one interview with VLAD TV. He said: “That happened to me when I was a rookie. Me and Andray Blatche was messing around with one of the cheerleaders and then they found out. People be blaming us like it was our fault she got fired or something like that.” Young may have lost the young cheerleader her job, but he got off easy and can now joke about the whole thing. Young also said that he was aware that it was against “NBA rules” to romance cheerleaders.

The larger issue seems to be that there is a different standard for athletes who form relationships with teammates versus those they engage in outside of the organization. But it demonstrates that the NBA and NBA franchises definitely despise it when players engage with those within their organizations. Ime Udoka, a man in a position of power, ought to have known better than to indulge in that type of relationship with a lady who was under his service. The fact that Nick Young so publicly acknowledged having slept with a Wizards cheerleader is rather bizarre, but he doesn’t appear to be that concerned about it now days.

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