Potential No.1 Draft pick Chet Holmgren lays down a ‘New King’ warning to the rest of the NBA

Possible no 1 overall pick Chet Holmgren declared himself the "future King of NBA", answering the question to best player in world. Orlando Magic got the 1st pick in 2022 draft,

Chet Holmgren
Chet Holmgren

After a monumental season, the NBA is gradually approaching the 2022 draft pick, with lots of exciting young players up for grab. Upon which there are various speculations over the no. 1 draft pick this time around. However as per various reports the potential No. 1 draft Chet Holmgren sees a bright future for him against the big guns as he sent an alarming warning.

All eyes were set on the lottery draft, as the full 2022 NBA Draft order is officially set. After the lottery’s results were revealed in Chicago, it was the Orlando Magic, who acquired the 1st pick in the 2022 draft. Considering the lineup the team posses, they might go for a big man in the draft, with Chet Holmgren proving to be the perfect fit for the Orlando Magic. He is also riding high and confidence as he declared himself as the “new king” on the hardwood.

The 20-year-old youngster possesses a variety of attributes that could help him to climb the ladder in the NBA in upcoming seasons, but his confidence and urgency to step onto the big stage are certainly commendable.

Chet Holmgren could be the future of the Franchise

With the line-up of the first 14 picks already revealed, it is only a matter of actual picks to see which team selects Chet Holmgren. Moreover all teams now have a clear picture of the order for all 58 of this year’s selections just over one month away from the draft, to work on their roasters. 

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Though the top pick this season is not un-anonymous, there are huge chances of Chet Holmgren getting the 1st overall pick with the Orlando Magic. The team is short on the size, with their forwards and centers not performing s expected.  

The center position has always been prioritized in the NBA. With the likes of two-time MVP Nikola Jokic, and even big man Joel Embiid dominating the League in the 2022 season, Orlando will be tempted to go for an equally talented Center.

Holmgren really could be, and really should be, an awesome center at the NBA level. He’s a 7-foot rim protector, with a 7ft-6 inch wingspan, helping the team in the defenses as well. Chet is so skilled offensively, a play-maker, and reliable to make deep shots when required. Just like legendary Kobe Bryant, he is entering directly from the high-school level to NBA, skipping collegiate years. He averages 15 points with astonishing 10 rebounds and 2 assists per game. Also, he has shown consistency from the 3-point range.

Given the multi-functionality, the kid can provide, He could really live up to the expectations and be a valuable addition to the team. Well as for his claims to be the best in the League, there is very tough competition for the title, and he has time to prove himself.

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