“They don’t want us to see Kyrie Irving’s skill set, though. His mind’s too free.” Warriors Andre Iguodala on Kyrie Irving’s Return to the NBA

Warriors key player Andre Iguodala addresses Kyrie Irving's issue and says he is a free thinker, unlike others.

Kyrie Irving hit the headliners as soon as this season begin and has been a constant topic of discussion if NBA and Covid ever pop into the same sentence. His stand against the vaccination was not perceived well which resulted in a plethora of hatred from the public. Due to his adamant decision of staying unvaccinated Kyrie hasn’t played a single game for the Brooklyn Nets this season.

It has been a seesaw ride for all the fans whether Irving will play or not. The fans were excited to see James Harden, Devin Duran, and Kyrie Irving on the same court but that dream is yet to be converted into reality.

Some players have derided Irving for this decision and forgotten that he is letting his whole team suffer for something that isn’t worth it. Sports analysts mocked Kyrie on national television and the ones who stood in his favor.

 But amongst these, there have been some who still think Kyrie one day would understand the gravity of the situation and what’s important to him. One such player is Golden State Warriors Andre Iguodala.

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Andre Iguodala- “Kyrie Irving’s mind’s too free.”

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Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving

Andre Iguodala commented on Kyrie Irving’s anticipated return in the Warriors post-match conference. He told the reporters, “Kyrie’s my man, so I hope he shows his talent to the world and continues to prove me right that he’s a top player ever. They don’t want us to see his skillset, though. His mind’s too free.”

Andre has been on fire this season. He is everywhere on the court helping the Golden Stae Warriors in not only defense but offense too. Well, he can drop some 3s, if needed.

Even the Brooklyn Nets governor Joe Tsai recently addresses this issue and said that they would not severe their relations with their All-Star Point guard over some political issues.  He stated, “We’re trying to be practical. And I’ve always said I don’t want to make this a political issue. My only religion is to win games and win the championship.”

Seems like Kyrie Irving will soon hit the hard floor even if it will be as a part-timer. As per New York Mandates, any players that resist the vaccination are not allowed to play in New York. This clearly closes Kyrie’s shot at playing home games, and though NBA promotes vaccination it can allow unvaccinated players to play if strict precautionary measurements are taken.

The Brooklyn Nets are in turmoil due to the lack of depth in the roster. They only have nine fit players on the roster and 7 are in NBA’s Health and Safety Protocol. With fewer and fewer options the Nets will soon be out of the race for this season’s championship even though they were favorites once.

And, that now that Kevin Durant, is too in the NBA’ Health and Safety Protocol things have gotten quite desperate for the Nets.

With a score of 21-8, the Nets sit atop the Eastern Conference. But the title favorites are yet to unleash their full potential. They will face off the Orlando Magic on Saturday for their 5th straight win.

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