Udonis Haslem children: How many kids does the Miami Heat veteran have?

Know all about Miami Heat legend Udonis Haslem's family and his three adorable children.

Udonis Haslem children: How many kids does the Miami Heat veteran have?

Udonis Haslem and family (Getty)

Miami Heat legend Udonis Haslem has had a long and glorious career with the franchise. The NBA professional has been part of all three championship-winning teams in Heat history. As the Miami Heat contests the Denver Nuggets in the NBA Finals, Haslem could add yet another ring to his trophy cabinet. But how much do we know about Udonis Haslem’s personal life, his spouse and children?

The Miami Heat legend has always preferred to keep his personal life private. It is only on several occasions that the NBA professional has spoken about his family and has done so in appreciation of the support he receives from his wife and children. Haslem has been vocal about the inspiration he gets from his family to do better on the court.


So exactly how many children does Udonis Haslem have, and how much do we know about his marriage with Faith Rein? Here’s all that you need to know about the NBA legend’s family. 

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Udonis Haslem married his college sweetheart Faith Rein

Udonis Haslem family

Haslem and Faith had initially met back in their college days when both were attending the University of Florida. Fostering a passionate love for sport, Faith would appreciate Haslem’s game and the two formed a close friendship over time. 


Their friendship would soon blossom into love and the two would court for a length of 14 long years. Their decade-long romance would see the couple exchange vows in 2013 and currently parent three children. 

How many children does Udonis Haslem have?

Udonis Haslem children

Udonis Haslem has three children – Kedonis, Josiah and Elijah. He had his eldest son, Kedonis Haslem, with his high school girlfriend, Keke James, when the basketball player was only 18. Kedonis was born to the couple on December 23, 1998. 

Haslem had his other two sons with Faith. Josiah was born in January 2007 and Elijah was born in February 2011. Both of Haslem’s young sons are interested in basketball and are fans of the sport. Faith and Udonis parent all their three children and live as a family. 


Back in 2015, on the occasion of Kedonis’ 17th birthday, Haslem wrote some really heartfelt words, “Happy Birthday to my oldest son. 17 years ago I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going. The one thing I did know is I wasn’t going to let u down. My motivation from the time u came into this world. Thanks for inspiring me not to settle. Not to give up and continue to grind.”

When most 18 yr olds still looking for there purpose in life, u gave me one. At that point it was clear to me what I had to do. Love u man.”


Is Udonis Haslem married? 

Udonis Haslem has been married to his college sweetheart Faith Rein since 2013.


How many kids does Udonis Haslem have?

Udonis Haslem has three children. One son with his high school girlfriend, and the other two children with his now-wife.

How many rings has Udonis Haslem won?

Udonis Haslem has won three NBA Championship rings with the Miami Heat. 

How many seasons has Udonis Haslem played in the NBA?

Udonis Haslem has played across 20 seasons in the NBA.


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