“You just woke me up!”- Aaron Donald shares the incident at the Super Bowl which got him charged up

Aaron Donald shares an incident from the Super Bowl which changed the game

Aaron Donald celebrates

Aaron Donald is without a doubt the best defensive player in the league right now and he has been the best for a long time now as he further cemented his legacy after winning the Super Bowl with The Los Angeles who defeated the Cincinnati Bengals.

Aaron Donald contributed massively in the Super Bowl triumph of the Los Angeles Rams as he made some huge defensive plays and sacked Joe Burrow which paved the victory for the Rams.

Donald was not playing up to his standards in the early phase of the game but an incident happened which got him charged up with anger and determination which led to his legendary performance in the later stages of the game.

After Donald shoved Joe Burrow out of bounds early in the third quarter, Bengals players came after the Rams’ all-world pass rusher for hitting their quarterback and a small brawl broke out.

“He did a little talking, so I wanted to show him how strong I was”- Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald
Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald says that sequence woke him up, which was bad news for the Bengals, He said, “Actually, Burrow was the one, he looked at me, like, ‘Hey Aaron, that was a clean play,’” Donald told Peter King of NBC Sports. “The quarterback told me that! I feel everybody start pushing me, hitting me. I almost lost it. The refs were like, Aaron, get out of here. They [the Bengals] already got me mad. Now they want to push on me, say all these words to me.”

He added, “You just woke me up. You just woke me up!”

Aaron Donald gets into a fight
Aaron Donald gets into a fight

Bengals guard Hakeem Adeniji had some alteration with Donald which made the Rams DT angry, he said, “That number 77,” Donald said, “he did a little talking, so I wanted to show him how strong I was.”, He added, “Pretty much bowled him back into the quarterback. You wanna start pushing and saying all these words to me? I like a little competition. We can play mean. Let’s play mean. I had to show them. They got three points out of it, but off a short-field turnover, we fought.”

Aaron Donald played a huge part in the victory for the Rams and this moment was the deciding factor of the contest between two great teams who put up a show for the fans.

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