“I’m not going to the game”: Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson threatens to skip Super Bowl due to spat with Rams over tickets

Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson is not happy with the LA Rams for this reason

Eric Dickerson
Eric Dickerson

The LA Rams have done incredibly well this year. They invested in the right players, made some impressive transfers, and boom, they found themselves at the Super Bowl. The likes of Matthew Stafford and Odell Beckham Jr have played exceedingly well for the team from Los Angeles.

While their competitors, the Cincinnati Bengals have carried the underdog tag and have had a few hits and misses in the early part of the season, the Rams have played with great consistency which makes them the absolute favorite to win the ultimate title.

“I am going to watch it on TV”: Eric Dickerson angry with the Rams

Eric Dickerson
Eric Dickerson

Moreover, the Rams are playing Super Bowl in their home stadium which definitely will prove advantageous to them. While most of the Rams supports are pretty excited and elated, it seems like Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson is not happy with the way the team is treating him.

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In a recent interview with CBS Sports Radio’s “Maggie and Perloff Show,” Dickerson was asked if he will support the Rams by cheering from the stands to which he replied that he will rather watch the game from his home. “I don’t think I’m going to the game,” Dickerson said.

I’m just going to watch it on TV. Let’s put it like this, they wanted to give me tickets in the rafters,” Dickerson stated. “In the 400s, so I said, ‘I’d rather stay at home and watch it.‘” This is not the first time Dickerson is seemingly angry with the Rams.

He stopped attending the team games in the past due to a spat with former Rams coach Jeff Fisher. After Fisher left the Rams in 2016, things sorted out between Dickerson and the Rams. However, it appears the relationship has gone sour again.

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