“He has a tendency to do such things”: Kyle Juszczyk complaints about Mike Evans to Tom Brady, Mike replies

Mike Evans replies comes up with an amicable solution to Kyle Juszczyk's query.

Kyle Juszczyk, Tom Brady and Mike Evans
Kyle Juszczyk, Tom Brady and Mike Evans

The Pro Bowl turned out to be a rather high-scoring encounter with a lot of action involved. The star-studded line-ups went big against one another in the exhibition encounter. At the end of the day, AFC emerged victoriously by 41-35. However, even the NFC had a lot of moments to cheer.

49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk had a good game for the NFC. His moment to shine was the one when he caught a touchdown pass from quarterback Kirk Cousins. While the celebrations were in full flow from the NFC squad, Mike Evans did what he is known for doing in such moments.

“You got any spare Bitcoin Brady”: Kyle Juszczyk trolls Brady and Evans in one Tweet

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Evans took the ball and launched it high into the crowd. As expected, fans went berserk to get hold of the ball. However, Kyle Juszczyk wasn’t impressed by what Evans did. He took to Twitter to register a complaint with Brady about Evans trolling them both in one go.

Hey Tom Brady, so Mike Evans threw my Pro Bowl TD ball in the stands… I heard he has a tendency to do these type of things. You got any spare Bitcoin I could borrow to get that thing back??” Kyle wrote on Twitter. Mike took us back to what transpired in October when Evans had launched Brady’s 600th career TD pass ball into the stands.

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For the unversed, Brady had to give away a lot of stuff to the lucky fan to get the ball back. Brady offered him a lot of memorabilia along with a Bitcoin just to get his hands on the ball again. As expected, this event made headlines across the globe. In reply, Evans Tweeted that he will get the ball back for Kyle.

Bro I told you I’ll get it back if you really want it,” he Tweeted. Evans has a knack for treating fans this way and if it results in huge deals for the fans, it is even better for the spectators.

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