How many Super Bowls have the Arizona Cardinals won?

Arizona Cardinals have won the NFL championships twice, in 1925 and 1947.

How many Super Bowls have the Arizona Cardinals won?

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American professional football, the Arizona Cardinals is known to be the oldest team in the National Football League (NFL), based in Phoenix. The Cardinals began their football journey as the Morgan Athletic Club, based in Chicago. It was founded in 1901 by Chris O’Brien.

The first season of Cardinals was played in a loosely organized “league” that included amateur clubs based in Chicago. Despite being the oldest team, the Cardinals are the least successful team in the NFL. Initially, they achieved success that landed them an opportunity to join the American Professional Football League in 1920.


They were renamed as “Chicago Cardinals” in 1922, when a team based in Racine, Wisconsin, joined the NFL. Three years after that, the Cardinals claimed their first NFL championship after a regular-season record of 11 wins and two losses.

After the 1925 season, the Cardinals suffered a prolonged period of noncompetitive and dismal years, including 0-10 seasons in 1943 and 1944. Later in 1946, Jimmy Conzelman was rehired as head coach, who led them to the victory of the NFL championship in 1947.

The following year, the Cardinals recorded a franchise-best 11-1 record that again led them to the NFL championship game in 1948, but they were upset by the Philadelphia Eagles. However, as Conzelman left the team, they again fell into the drought of postseasons. As their revenue stream declined, the franchise decided to relocate to St. Louis, Missouri, where they were called St. Louis “football” Cardinals.

Arizona Cardinals
Arizona Cardinals 2008 NFC Champions(Via Arizona Cardinals)

In St. Louis, the team started posting winning records, but they couldn’t get back to the postseason until 1974, with a strong roster featuring Jim Hart as quarterback, Terry Metcalf as running back, and future Hall of Famers as offensive lineman Dan Dierdorf and tight end Jackie Smith. After experiencing playoff losses, the Cardinals again returned to playoffs in 1982. Later on, with a lack of fan support and a desire for a beneficial home stadium, the team moved to Phoenix in 1988.

Arizona Cardinals NFL championship 1925
Arizona Cardinals owner William Bidwell victorious with the George Halas Trophy after the game vs. Philadelphia Eagles in the 2008-09 Playoffs
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For around the decade, the team continued playing at a mediocre level, until 1998. Led by quarterback Jake Plummer, the Cardinals posted a nine-win season record and claimed their first-ever playoff victory. However, that didn’t last, and the Cardinals again fell into a playoff drought.

In 2008, the Cardinals experienced the most successful season, after they relocated to Arizona, led by quarterback Kurt Warner. With a powerful offense, the team won the divisional title and paved the way for the very first Super Bowl appearance, but faced defeat at the hands of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Throughout their existence, the Cardinals appeared in the Super Bowl only once, in 2008. They have won two National Football League championships.


How many Super Bowl appearances do the Arizona Cardinals have?

The Arizona Cardinals are one of the two teams who have been around since the formation of the NFL, yet they never won the Super Bowl. The Cardinals have won two NFL championship titles, in 1925 and 1947. The details of the Cardinals’ first Super Bowl appearance are as follows:

2008: Super Bowl XLII

The first-ever Super Bowl appearance marked by the Cardinals was in 2008, held in Tampa, Florida. It would have been a historic moment for Arizona if they would have won, ending the longest championship drought seen in the AFC, since 1947.

Cardinals vs Steelers Super Bowl 2008
Cardinals vs. Steelers Super Bowl 2008 (Via Canton Repository)

They faced off against the Pittsburgh Steelers in an intense Super Bowl game with the whole stadium on the edge of their seats. However, the victory was ultimately claimed by the Steelers, bringing home their sixth Super Bowl title. Despite having an incredible season with Warner and Larry Fitzgerald, Super Bowl XLIII didn’t work out in favor of the Cardinals, as they hoped.


How many NFL championships do the Arizona Cardinals have won?

Even though the Cardinals never won a Super Bowl, they did win NFL championships twice, in 1925 and 1947. At the 1925 NFL championship, Pottsville Maroone won against Notre Dame at 9-7. They went on to face the Cardinals at the NFL championship game and defeated them by 21-17.

Arizona Cardinals NFL championship 1947

Interestingly, it was later found that Notre Dame, whom the Maroons defeated earlier, was based in Frankford Yellow Jackets territory. Therefore, their championship title was removed because of the NFL rules for Yellow Jackets’ territorial rights at that time. As a result, the Marrons had to give their NFL championship title to the Cardinals. However, it remains a matter of controversy to date.

The second NFL championship the Cardinals won was in 1947 against the Philadelphia Eagles. They claimed the victory over the Eagles and landed the second NFL championship title.



How many Super Bowl titles do the Arizona Cardinals have?

The Arizona Cardinals have not won any Super Bowl title, despite being the oldest team. They had one appearance though, in 2008 but couldn’t win.

Where is the home stadium of the Arizona Cardinals?

The home stadium of the Arizona Cardinals is State Farm Stadium located in Glendale, a northwestern suburb of Phoenix.

How did the Arizona Cardinals gain their name of Cardinals?

As the Arizona Cardinals used to wear faded maroon color jerseys because they were often perceived as Cardinal red, so finally they joined the name.


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