“Worst call in the NFL ever”- More controversy for the Cincinnati Bengals and their fans are NOT taking it well

Another dose of controversy in a Bengals playoff game. This time in the form of a Titans interception that was ruled a catch despite it seeming to be an incompletion. A crucial call in the game as it allowed the Titans right back into it.

Amani Hooker
Amani Hooker

For the second straight week, the Cincinnati Bengals have had controversy in their playoff game. This time a controversial call went against them in their divisional-round matchup against the Titans.

Before getting into this week’s controversy, a reminder of last week’s. A play that should have been blown dead and replayed was left completely alone as a blatant rule was ignored by the officials. The result of that play was a Bengals touchdown that in the end made the difference in a 26-19 win over the Raiders. This week they saw a big call go against them.

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A crucial interception but was it a catch?

Amani Hooker
Amani Hooker

A Bengals drive in the 3rd quarter was ended abruptly as Joe Burrow’s pass bounced off the hands of his receiver and Titans cornerback Amani Hooker swooped in to grab the ball just before it hit the turf.

Being such a close play, it went under review but the call on the field stood. That’s the important part. The review did not provide sufficient evidence to overturn the decisions that the officials on the field made. That means that had they called it an incomplete pass it would have stayed as an incomplete pass. Bengals fans were NOT happy about that.

The interception gave the Titans great field position and they took advantage immediately. Ryan Tannehill hit AJ Brown with a perfectly placed pass to get the Titans right back into the game. In a game where the Bengals’ defense was really dominating the Titans’ offense, this call going in their favor is exactly what they needed.

In the end, Cincy was able to hold forcing a very late interception giving Joe Burrow just enough time to get them in range for Evan Mcpherson to hit a 52-yard field goal for the win sending the Bengals to the AFC championship.

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