49ers expected to have a whopping 30% more fans in Philadelphia today than they did for last season’s NFC Championship Game

Brock Purdy to have a litmus test against the Eagles defense.

49ers expected to have a whopping 30% more fans in Philadelphia today than they did for last season’s NFC Championship Game

San Francisco 49ers fans (via Imago)

The NFL crowd is eagerly awaiting the game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Philadelphia Eagles on today’s Sunday Night. It will be a highly-anticipated game of football between two teams who are presently on fire. The Eagles have won their ten out of eleven games, while the 49ers have won eight out of their eleven. With two sides closely balanced, the encounter will be mouthwatering.

The game between the two giants is expected to have a large crowd. The game will be hosted by the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field,, hence they will have the benefits of the home team. However, some interesting facts may be of help to the 49ers as well. They will have more audience in the stands than they had last time.


In January this year, two teams had a face-off in the NFC Championship Game. It was hosted by the Eagles and the 49ers had understandably fewer supporters. They only consisted of 19% of the entire stadium. But this time, the situation can be different. According to a report by the ticket marketplace Vivid Seats, the stadium will have a 28% presence of the 49ers supporters. A significant nine percent increase from the earlier game in January.

In addition to this, the game between the Eagles and the 49ers has emerged as one of the most in-demand games in the last ten years. The ticket prices have skyrocketed keeping the temperament. In terms of price, this game is going to be the hottest one than all the other fixtures. $435 has been fixed for a seat in the game.

The Eagles fans are known for being extremely rowdy. There were earlier instances when they fell out with multiple players from the opponent teams. It is to be seen what experience the 49ers fans at Lincoln Field will have on Sunday night.


Brock Purdy is ready for the Eagles’ challenge

The 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy is gearing up for the battle between the two rivals. Despite acknowledging that the Eagles will be hard to crack, the QB said he would love to be on the winning end on Sunday Night Football.

It’s gonna be a tough place to play, they’re a really good team… For us it’s another great challenge, but to say I’ve had this game circled for a year, honestly, it hasn’t been like that for me.
Brock Purdy
Brock Purdy (Via Imago)

The 49ers will start as the favorite against the Eagles. The betters are predicting that the San Fran team would have more winning probability than the Eagles, despite the latter’s brilliant form on the gridiron. The Eagles had made a few clutch moments in the last few games. It is to be seen whether they can grab another one.

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