49ers WR Deebo Samuel claims Brock Purdy ‘deserves’ to be the MVP this season

The San Francisco 49ers moved onto 9-3 record after the win against the Philadelphia Eagles.

49ers WR Deebo Samuel claims Brock Purdy ‘deserves’ to be the MVP this season

Deebo Samuel and Brock Purdy (Via Imago/Marca)

After the thumping performance against the Philadelphia Eagles, Brock Purdy‘s name is blowing the wind. Analysts are picking Purdy as their favorite to win this year’s MVP award. With 23 touchdowns for 3,185 yards, he has earned the respect across the NFL world.


Purdy has unprecedented popularity among his teammates. From head coach Kyle Shanahan to running back Christian McCaffrey, everyone has shared positive remarks about 2022’s Mr Irrelevant. The latest to hit the list is Deebo Samuel, who had a pivotal role in the game against the Eagles.

In the recent episode of Up & Adams with Kay Adams, the WR came clean and declared Purdy as his favorite to win the MVP this season. The fun part is that his son, who was present during the interaction with the WR, nodded his head at the proposal of Purdy being the favorite for the MVP discussion.

My boy number one right now that ain’t even up for debate–He’s just gotta keep stacking days, stacking games, stacking weeks and we’ve gotta go out there as a team and keep making plays for him.


Despite hyping Purdy for the MVP award, the WR also mentioned that his primary focus is to win the Super Bowl. The rest come afterward. It seemed that the WR was ready to do everything to win that.

Samuel had a handy role against the Eagles. According to Nick Wright (someone who has denied giving his flowers to Brock Purdy time and again), Deebo Samuel was the driving force behind the win against the Eagles. He also focused on how Purdy scored two touchdowns from two plays led by Samuel.

The 49ers had perfect revenge against the Eagles in week 13

The San Francisco 49ers had a perfect revenge game against the Philadelphia Eagles at their home stadium. A few months back, they faced the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game at the same stadium. It resulted in disappointment as the 49ers lost the game after their regular and backup quarterback left the field with injuries. The 49ers lost and awaited the revenge.

Trent Williams
Trent Williams (via Niners Nation)

The mentality of seeking revenge was reflected in the last game. A few 49ers players donned all black just to ensure they could ‘kill’ the Eagles. That mentality set the tone for the 49ers.

A couple of weeks ago, I already knew I was going to come [in] all black. I knew that was going to be my mindset, my mindset was going to be, 'It's time to kill, you're going to a funeral-- And it's crazy, I didn't discuss that with anybody else
Trent Williams revealed on the Inside the NFL show

The 42-19 score reflected the intense attacking instinct of the 49ers. They ended up gaining 42 points and restricted the Eagles to 19 points only.

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