Patriots HC Bill Belichick bluntly claims Chad Ryland’s efforts are ‘not good enough’ after he missed the game-tying field goal against the Giants

Belichick blames Chad Ryland for his missed field goal against the New York Giants which would have given the Pats a chance to win in OT.

Patriots HC Bill Belichick bluntly claims Chad Ryland’s efforts are ‘not good enough’ after he missed the game-tying field goal against the Giants

Chad Ryland and Bill Belichick (via FOX/AP)

The New England Patriots‘ season so far has been nothing short of a nightmare that Bill Belichick wishes he could just get up and end. The team has gone 2-9 this season. Their worst season since 1970.

Their loss against the New York Giants was caused by two factors, the first being horrible play from both Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe, who threw for a combined 3 interceptions and second, due to a missed field goal from Chad Ryland.


The field goal would have put the Patriots in a position to tie the game and go to overtime, but Chad Ryland blew a 35-yard field goal which ended the game for the team. Bill Belichick was asked about the missed field goal kick following the game.

The reporter asked him if the weather was a factor that led to Ryland missing the field goal kick, but the HC pretty much dismissed that and blamed the kicker for coming up short.

He was asked,

Chad Ryland missing that field goal at the end of the game, I know that the weather wasn't great there, do you put that on the weather and is it difficult for you to see a guy like Nick Folk succeeding pretty well this season?

Folk, who was the kicker for the Patriots for 4 seasons has made 22 out of his 23 field goal attempts this season for the Tennessee Titans.

Belichick was pretty blunt in his response.

Chad's a very talented player, but that's just two weeks in a row that we missed the extra points so, that's not good enough.

Ryland may need to start finding new teams as Belichick is clearly not happy with his performance.


Bill Belichick has had his worst season as the head coach of the New England Patriots

The rookie has made 12 of 18 field goals this season. Chad Ryland came up short in week 10 as well against the Indianapolis Colts.

The Patriots have been bad across all divisions, offense, defense, and special teams this season. It was a close game against the Indianapolis Colts as well because the score was 10-6.

Chad Ryland and Bill Belichick
Chad Ryland and Bill Belichick (via NESN/AP)

At this stage, the Patriots are fighting to get the top pick in the NFL draft. The team has to first address its quarterback needs, as neither Mac Jones nor Bailey Zappe has been able to get the job done for them. While there has been an outcry for Bill Belichick to lose his job from fans, that does not seem to be an option as he has reportedly signed an extension with the team before the beginning of this season.


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