“An absolute hero”: Browns fullback Johnny Staton pays heartfelt tribute to his heroic doctor who died protecting others during Laguna Woods shooting

Here's what Johnny Stanton had to say about the man who lost his life in the Laguna Woods shooting

Johnny Staton and John Cheng

The United States and in fact the whole world was left shellshocked lately by two utterly shocking incidents of gun violence, one in Buffalo, New York, and the other one in Laguna Woods. While ten people died in Buffalo, there was one life claimed in the shooting incident in California. 

For the unversed first shooting took place at a supermarket in Buffalo last Saturday afternoon. According to Philly Voice, an 18-year-old man opened fire with an AR-15 rifle at Tops Friendly Market in a predominantly Black neighborhood. 

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“He was my primary care physician”: Johnny Staton on the man who lost his life in the Laguna Woods shooting

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Johnny Stanton

Identified as Payton Gendron, the man specifically targeted Black people while wearing military gear and streaming the attack on Twitch. Ten people were killed and three others were wounded. On the other hand, the second attack took place last Sunday in Laguna Woods, just 46 miles south of Los Angeles.

68-year-old David Chou killed one man and wounded five others after opening fire in a Taiwanese church, as reported by NBC News. The news outlet also reported that Chou, from Las Vegas, was allegedly “motivated by political tensions between China and Taiwan.” 

While the world was left dejected and saddened by the incidents, one should also focus on the heroic acts of a few who didn’t care about their lives in a bid to stop the attacker. John Cheng, a doctor, charged the attacker who opened fire in the church, and because of his efforts, others were able to overpower the maniac.

However, in a bid to save others, John ended up losing his life. Cleveland Browns’ fullback Johnny Stanton took to Twitter to hail the wonderful wan. “I just found out the person killed in the Laguna Woods shooting yesterday was my primary care physician, Dr. John Cheng. Absolute hero,” he wrote on Twitter.

He attacked the gunman and helped save so many in that church. I just wanted his name to be known. He will be missed,” Stanton added. Indeed, John will always be remembered as a symbol of hope for his heroic act.

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