Cardinals WR Marquise “Hollywood” Brown pleads GUILTY in criminal speeding cases and faces up to 1-year probation as punishment

Marquise Brown was arrested before this season for going over 120MPH in a 65MPH zone

Cardinals WR Marquise “Hollywood” Brown pleads GUILTY in criminal speeding cases and faces up to 1-year probation as punishment

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The Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Marquise Hollywood Brown pleaded guilty in a speeding case in Arizona Courtroom on Wednesday, six months after he was briefly arrested for doing a 126 on 65 miles per hour zone.

According to reports, Brown was arrested for driving at 126 MPH in a 65 MPH zone in North Phoenix on August 3. Furthermore, he was subjected to a short Maricopa County Superior Court hearing the same evening and later released on his own bond. Later, the Cardinals’ then-head coach Kliff Kingsbury told the media that Hollywood Brown was headed to the Cardinals’ home stadium from his home for practice.

The 25-year-old wide receiver returned to the team’s practice camp the following week and told the reporters that he’s not the guy who often gets into trouble and will learn from that incident.

“I want to learn from it,” Brown said on Aug. 17, per the team’s official website. “I’m not a guy who gets into trouble, so I want to put in my past and make sure I’m always doing the right things at all times, I have a lot of kids that look up to me, so I want to set the right example at all times.” And now, after almost six months after his arrest, he pleads guilty to the charges he’s facing.

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Cardinals WR Marquise Hollywood Brown pleads guilty

Marquise Brown Cardinals
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On Wednesday, the Cardinals wideout showed up to the Arizona Courtroom wearing a black sweatshirt and black pants to the hearings. According to multiple reports, he didn’t speak much in Court but he and his attorney told the judge that Brown was changing his previous plea of not guilty to guilty in the criminal speeding charge.

By Arizona laws, anything over 20 MPH above the allocated speed limit is criminal speeding and will result in a misdemeanor charge. For context, Brown went over 61 MPH than the posted speed limit of 65 MPH.

Moreover, Brown is now waiting to hear his punishment in a sentencing proceeding next month, in which he could get a fine of up to $500, 30 days of jail time, and/or 1-year probation as a penalty.

Hollywood Brown was a former Baltimore Ravens wide receiver who was surprisingly traded to the Cardinals during the 1st day of the 2022 NFL draft for a package that included the Cardinals’ 2022 first-round draft pick. He went on to have an up-and-down year with the Cardinals as he managed to 709 yards and 3 touchdowns in the 10 games he started.

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