“That is Tampa’s public plea to Tom Brady,” Colin Cowherd believes the Buccaneers’ fired OC Byron Leftwich to convince Brady to stay

The Buccaneers fired a bunch of their coaching staff after a disappointing season

“That is Tampa’s public plea to Tom Brady,” Colin Cowherd believes the Buccaneers’ fired OC Byron Leftwich to convince Brady to stay

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After their humiliating loss against the Dak Prescott led-Dallas Cowboys in the wildcard game on Monday, the Buccaneers fired a bunch of their coaching staff including the offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich. Following the mass layoffs, Fox Sports analyst Colin Cowherd believes that the Bucs fired a whole lot of their coaches to convince their QB Tom Brady to stay with the team.


Tom Brady will be a free agent once the season ends. He hasn’t made any decision about his future yet and will certainly think a lot about committing to football at his age. However, multiple teams including the San Francisco 49ers will be reportedly pursuing the 45-year-old quarterback to lead their franchise, and also teams like the Las Vegas Raiders are all in on acquiring the veteran QB in hopes of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy next season.

Apart from this, Brady’s long-term Patriots teammate and his close friend Julian Edelman said that if Brady played another year, it wouldn’t be for Tampa. Amidst all this, Colin Cowherd has come out and said that the Bucs firing almost all of their assistant coaches, especially Byron Leftwich is a plea to Tom Brady to come back and play for the Tampa Bay-based franchise.

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Colin Cowherd says the Bucs are pleading with Tom Brady to stay

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Speaking on his show THE HERD, Colin said that mass layoffs are Tampa’s public plea to Tom Brady. “That is Tampa’s public plea to Tom Brady to stay in Tampa,Cowherd said on his show. “Tampa right now is selling Tom Brady on, No. 1, Gisele lives with the kids in Miami. You wanna go play for the Niners and Raiders, 3,200 miles away?”

He also said that the Bucs have everything that they need to bring Brady back for one more year and by coaching the firing staff who ‘drove Brady nuts’ the Bucs have a statement to the 7-time Super Bowl Champion.

“By the way, Ryan Jensen comes back at center. Tristan Wirfs, Shaq Mason, three of our five guys are Pro Bowlers on the offensive line, we just had bad injuries. So, I was told a week ago from somebody close to Brady that the lack of details on the coaching staff, the offensive coaching staff drove Brady nuts. Too sloppy, too often. So, now, the Buccaneers go public, leak it, this is them saying ‘Tom, we hear you, and we want you back,” said Colin on Thursday.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have certainly made a statement by cleaning the house. Moreover, they are giving Todd Bowles a chance to assemble his own coaching staff in the upcoming NFL off-season.


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