Colin Cowherd gets EXPOSED for his hypocrisy over Josh Rosen, clip reveals numerous occasions where the analyst lied and casually switched his stance on the quarterback

Colin Cowherd has been caught lying, the sports analyst backed Josh Rosen while he got drafted but claimed that he knew the quarterback was going to be a bust from day one

Colin Cowherd and Josh Rosen
Colin Cowherd and Josh Rosen
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Sports analysts are known for their takes, that goes without saying. Sports Broadcasting is a major profession now and it has been gaining a lot of popularity lately, however, there have been a lot of people who have been doing this for decades at this point. No matter how long you have been doing it, you tend to make a lot of mistakes. It is not an issue as long as you are able to rectify them and confess at times that you were wrong, look at Max Kellerman for instance, though he has had some ridiculous takes, he accepted that he was wrong when his Cliff Theory on Tom Brady went horribly south.

However, we also have another set of analysts who talk, and rather than accepting their shortcomings and mistakes, they tend to be sly and change the entire narrative itself and make it appear as though they were for or against a particular subject from the very start. Viewers dread it when analysts tend to become chameleons and change their opinions and narratives from time to time.

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Josh Rosen is overdrafted but he is also underrated and is worthy of being a franchise quarterback? Make up your mind Colin!

Colin Cowherd and Josh Rosen
Colin Cowherd and Josh Rosen

Colin Cowherd recently went on a bit of a brag where he stated all of the predictions that he has gotten right over the course of his career as an analyst. “I was right on the Warriors in 6, Steph is the MVP, Johhny Manziel would be a bust so would Jamarcus Russell, Jameis Winston was overdrafted, and so was Baker Mayfield and Josh Rosen, no reason to talk about those hits though, is there?” He was referring to his predictions of the 2022 NBA finals where the Golden State Warriors won it all, Stephen Curry won the Finals MVP award as Colin had predicted he would. He also claimed that Johhny Manziel, though a good college quarterback would not last long in the NFL and would be a bust. Baker Mayfield, Jameis Winston, Jamarcus Russell, and Josh Rosen were predicted to be busts by Colin.

The jury’s still out on Baker but Jameis has not lived up to the hype so maybe he is a bust, Jamarcus Russell was a bust, and so was Josh Rosen. But the Josh Rosen story is where it gets a bit interesting. Though Colin is taking credit for predicting Rosen would not last long in the NFL, he has also claimed after the quarterback was drafted that “They got him at an incredible value and they get someone as gifted as Josh Rosen at 10. That’s a franchise changer. Arizona got a kid as good as Josh Rosen at 10,” Colin had nothing but praise for Rosen as soon as he got drafted at number 10 in the first round by the Cardinals.

He further stuck to his prior comments arguing that Rosen was indeed the real deal, “It’s a home run, Arizona starts at 15 and ends up with the best quarterback in terms of the pocket thrower in the draft. The fact that they can get Rosen where they got him is unbelievable. Josh Rosen won the draft,” nowhere did he hint that Rosen could end up being a bust, he was making a solid argument for Rosen being the “Franchise quarterback” for the Arizona Cardinals for years to come instead.

He went as far as comparing Aaron Rodgers to Josh Rosen, “The quarterback in this draft that he really reminded me of is Aaron Rodgers, he even looks a little like Aaron Rodgers. Who dropped in the first round? Aaron Rodgers. Who was the quarterback here that was the most gifted and dropped the most? Josh Rosen. This thing looks so much like Aaron Rodgers,” Colin compared Rosen to a certified hall of fame player but casually reneged from accepting the fact that he was wrong about Rosen and that he was just another player with potential who did not make it.

As a sports analyst, you have to be accountable for your job and stick to your opinions, sure it is okay to have a ridiculous opinion here and there but you cannot do so on numerous occasions, Colin has done this multiple times. We cannot all be right all the time, at times we make a mistake and as long as you accept it and move forward it not only enhances your goodwill but the viewers would also be willing to trust you.

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