“His momentum is DONE,” Colin Cowherd makes a STARTLING statement on Tua Tagovailoa’s future in the NFL

“His momentum is DONE,” Colin Cowherd makes a STARTLING statement on Tua Tagovailoa’s future in the NFL

Colin Cowherd believes Tua Tagovailoa should be benched for the remainder of the year.

The Miami Dolphins have had a roller coaster of a season this year. The team has thrived on the field, banking on the success of its offense under quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, Tyreek Hill, and Jaylen Waddle. On the opposite end, Miami has to be a bit concerned about the well-being of its quarterback, Tua, who has entered concussion protocol for the second time this season.

Earlier in the season, Tua Tagovailoa faced a concussion scare when he was brought down by a defender. The quarterback landed hard on his back, and while it was not official, fans and analysts all suspected that he had suffered a concussion. In the following week, Tua started the game against the Buffalo Bills. Despite having a possible concussion, in this game, he was once again brought down hard by one of the defensive linemen.


Tua lay on the field and lifted his fingers up, the quarterback was shaken from the impact and was immediately put into concussion protocol. Last week, the quarterback re-entered the protocol following the game against the Green Bay Packers. Head Coach Mike McDaniel was not able to determine the exact moment when the quarterback may have suffered a concussion.

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Colin Cowherd believes the Miami Dolphins may not be completely sold on Tua Tagovailoa yet:

Colin Cowherd and Tua Tagovailoa
Colin Cowherd does not see Tua Tagovailoa playing in the NFL for another 4 years.

Star of The Herd, Colin Cowherd, spoke his two cents on Tua Tagovailoa’s situation. “The Tua situation in Miami is very interesting, I would sit Tua, I wouldn’t have a problem sitting him for the rest of the year...his momentum is done, and now if you sit him for the year that means he is not available regularly. Those two boxes mean that they (Miami Dolphins) are moving on.”


Colin brings up the offseason when the Miami Dolphins had a shot to get Tom Brady. At that point, owner Stephen Ross had reportedly taken meetings with the quarterback to sign a deal to bring him to the Dolphins as a part owner and a player. However, the deal did not go through and the NFL began to investigate these allegations. It took action by suspending Ross and fining him $1.5 million for tampering.

“The Dolphins have already tried to move on twice. They got a tampering charge trying to get Tom Brady.” Colin makes a rather shocking statement by claiming he does not see Tua Tagovailoa still playing in the NFL 4 years down the line. “I don’t think he will be in the NFL in 4 years. Sometimes guys are just not built for this league. He wants to play and he’s going to fight to play… I like Miami..I do hope the Dolphins hang on… I wouldn’t play him this week.”

While the media has kept it no secret that they want to see Tua Tagovailoa be shut down and benched for the rest of the regular season given the number of injuries he has sustained this season, Tua may not want that as he knows how replaceable players are in the NFL. He may take a decision that is best for his professional career rather than his personal well-being as per Colin.


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