Dan Orlovsky CLAIMS the Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is set to take over as HC/GM of new team next season amid firing rumors

Bill Belichick is reportedly on the heatseat following the stretch of poor seasons with the Pats.

Dan Orlovsky CLAIMS the Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is set to take over as HC/GM of new team next season amid firing rumors

Bill Belichick (L) and Dan Orlovsky (R) (Credits: Imago)

The time has come. It seems like Bill Belichick’s time is coming to an end in New England. He has been serving as the head coach of the New England Patriots for more than 2 decades, but a recent stretch of poor campaigns has reportedly put him on a hot seat. Amidst this, the ESPN personality Dan Orlovsky claims Belichick is set to take over as a head coach or general manager of a new team next season.

During a recent episode of ESPN’s The Pat McAfee Show, Orlovsky made an appearance and addressed the reports about Belichick being on the hot seat in New England. He said that Belichick’s not only on the hotseat but he already knows which team he’s going to call his home next season.

I’ve heard more and more of that over the last week. I’m not a reporter, but I have heard that. I have heard that’s going to be the case. Who knows the likelihood of it, but I’ve heard it’s going to happen, and I’ve heard the location is already kind of determined as well.
Orlovsky on The Pat McAfee Show

However, Orlovsky didn’t give away any team that could land Belichick as their next general manager and head coach. Nonetheless, there have been reports that Belichick signed a multi-year contract extension in the off-season, but both parties decided to mutually part ways following the stretch of average campaigns.

If the Patriots have to let go of Bill Belichick, they would seek trade compensation in return. Many expect the Washington Commanders and the Los Angeles Chargers to be the frontrunners for a potential Belichick trade.

Stephen A. Smith thinks Bill Belichick’s time in New England is over

Bill Belichick has been the head coach of the Patriots for more than 20 years. The idea that he could coach anywhere other than New England is absurd, but it seems like that is what is going to happen next season.

Bill Belichick top 5 NFL head coaches with most losses
Bill Belichick (Image via SI)

Many experts, including ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith, believe the Pats owner Robert Kraft will part ways with the veteran head coach after back-to-back poor outings.

I think it's over, I think that ultimately Bill Belichick will be gone.
Smith on First Take

Bill Belichick has coached the New England-based football team for 24 seasons and has led them to 9 Super Bowl appearances, including 6 Super Bowl championship rings. He recently became only the third head coach in NFL history to register 300 regular season victories. He is undeniably one of the best coaches in the league’s history and any team would pounce on the opportunity to rope in him.

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