“JG had something against me,” Ex-Cowboys WR Dez Bryant seemingly accuses Tony Romo and Jason Garrett of purposely holding him back

Dez Bryant recently sounded off on the duo during his appearance on 'The Pivot' podcast.

“JG had something against me,” Ex-Cowboys WR Dez Bryant seemingly accuses Tony Romo and Jason Garrett of purposely holding him back

Tony Romo (L), Dez Bryant (M), Jason Garrett (R) (Via Imago)

For several years, the Dallas Cowboys duo of quarterback Tony Romo and wide receiver Dez Bryant terrified the opposing defenders. The duo seemed to have great chemistry both on and off the field. But, now, several years after the duo split, Bryant airs out some dirty laundry about Romo and their former head coach Jason Garrett.


During a recent episode of The Pivot podcast, Bryant shared a story about how he ‘barked against’ Jason Garrett and the Dallas-based organization for not giving him enough targets during their game against the Jacksonville Jaguars back in 2014.

We about to get ready to lose to Jacksonville Jaguars... they [were] really sorry this time. We [were] down, we finna lose to them. I don't touch the ball in the first quarter. That's how I knew JG [Jason Garrett] had something against me.
Dez Bryant said on The Pivot

Furthermore, when he caught 2 touchdown passes in that game before halftime, Bryant hit the LeBron James‘ iconic silencer celebration, which he has now revealed was aimed at the Dallas-based organization and not the opposing team or their fans.

Everybody, the organization, JG, they all knew who that was for. They knew who that sh*t was for. I ain't see that ball no more after that.
Dez Bryant said

It is unsure why Dez Bryant felt the organization had something against their best wide receiver. Only those involved in that know whatever happened off the field between Bryant and others. However, on the field, Bryant was always involved in Dallas’ game plan.


Even in that particular game against the Jaguars, Bryant finished the game with a team-high eight targets and registered 158 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns. Later, in 2015, the Cowboys signed Bryant to a 5-year deal worth $70 million.

Terrell Owens backs Dez Bryant on his Tony Romo criticism

The clip of Dez Bryant criticizing his former Cowboys teammates Tony Romo and Jason Garrett went viral on social media and received a lot of attention.

Dez Bryant,
Dez Bryant (via AP)

One X user tagged ex-Dallas receiver Terrell Owens on the post and wrote, “Didn’t Terrell Owens say the same about Romo and these dudes?” Owens replied to that tweet and let the world know how he really felt about his former teammates. 

I did! Romo, Witten and Garrett are snakes.
Terrell Owens wrote on X

As it stands, two former receivers Terrell Owens and Dez Bryant have called out Tony Romo and Jason Garrett. Romo and Garrett haven’t addressed their comments yet.


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