“Deebo’s better”: Twitter reacts to the possibility of Justin Jefferson being eligible for a massive $1 billion contract extension

NFL Insider Field Yates claims that Justin Jefferson could be eligible for a massive! $1 billion extension after this season

Justin Jefferson performs 'the Griddy

The Minnesota Vikings may not have a lot to look forward to this season, though the team has an amazing squad with players such as Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson, and Adam Thielen. Their major issues stem from the fact that their quarterback is Kirk Cousins, he ranks correctly on the prime meridian of the Dalton scale, which means that he is not worthy of being trusted enough to be your franchise quarterback but he is not bad enough to be replaced immediately.

However, Cousins does have amazing weapons to throw to. Adam Thielen had already earned a name for himself as an amazing wideout but with Justin Jefferson in the league now, he has risen through the ranks and garnered quite the reputation for himself. He is one of the most talented younger wideouts across the entire NFL.

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Twitter cannot fathom that Justin Jefferson could be worth TWICE as much as Patrick Mahomes:

Justin Jefferson 2
Justin Jefferson

Jefferson is a two-time All-Pro receiver at just 23. He has had 17 touchdowns in the last two seasons and recorded nearly 1,400 yards in both seasons. He has broken multiple records starting with that Odell Beckham Jr’s record for the most receiving yards.

As per ESPN Insider Field Yates, the likelihood of Justin Jefferson getting a contract in the ballpark of nearly $1 billion could not be that far of a stretch. Considering how the wideout market has been increasing and the salaries are going through the roof, this rumor has surfaced. By even stating something of this nature, we are hinting that Jefferson is twice as worth as much as Patrick Mahomes who currently has a 10-year $500+ million contract.

NFL Twitter could not believe that this was even a conversation and ridiculed the Insider’s claims:

That’s a bit too harsh, he is worth at least $14-$15 million on the maximum end of the spectrum.

Yes, just a billion. Wonder how many zeroes are in that figure. Maybe the new NFL contracts will make billion-dollar deals a common thing?

Samuel sure is, but in terms of stats, Jefferson does have the edge in the last two seasons.

No cap, literally. If you end up paying players a billion each then there is no way to ensure a balanced team. Any Vikings fan should pray that this does not really happen as it decreases your odds of having a better team and making it to the postseason.

That’s fair, seems to be the same amount that most wideouts are getting, this is an amount that is in accordance with the current market standards.

Who needs a Super Bowl win when you got a billion dollars in your bank account?

He has not even played a game as of yet, but maybe he is, who knows?

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