“Do not have a timeline”: Dallas Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy is not optimistic about Dak Prescott returning anytime soon

Dallas Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy has no timetable in sight for Dak Prescott's return as the QB is still dealing with a swollen thumb.

Dak Prescott and Mike McCarthy
Dak Prescott and Mike McCarthy. ICON Sportswire

If you are a Dallas Cowboys fan, you might not want to hear this. Dak Prescott is likely going to need a bit longer to return to the football field due to his thumb injury. The quarterback has had the stitches on his right thumb removed which is a positive step towards his recovery, however, this still does not mean he is clear to return to practice as he is unable to throw the ball yet. The initial date for his return was sometime in Week4 but that may extend to Week 5 or 6, especially after HC Mike McCarthy‘s latest statement on the situation.

Dallas Cowboys Head Coach McCarthy stated that he is willing to give as much time for his quarterback to recover and only bring him back into action once he is completely ready. A return date is not set in stone as of today, which means Dak could return as early as Week 4 or as late as Week 6. The team plays the Washington Commanders in Week 4 while Week 5 will be a little bit more challenging as they will take on the Los Angeles Rams.

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“Still has swelling that he’s dealing with”: Dak Prescott is not in a position to throw the football as per Mike McCarthy.

Mike McCarthy and Dak Prescott.
Mike McCarthy and Dak Prescott. ZUMA Wire/ ICON Sportswire

The coach in the latest update on his quarterback had this to say, “He still has some swelling that he has to deal with. Once he gets past the swelling and the strengthening stage, then he’ll get to the point where he’ll be able to throw. He’ll be dealing with more rehab this week and hopefully, we’ll get the swelling and the strength where it needs to be. But I do not have a timeline on when he’ll start throwing.”

Dak Prescott underwent surgery on the 12th of September after the team lost to Tom Brady and the Buccaneers in Week 1, after his departure, Cooper Rush has stepped into his role and been able to handle the reigns quite well leading the Cowboys to simultaneous wins. However, the team’s schedule is set to get harder by the week now and while it will test the abilities of Rush, the team is also likely to miss Prescott most in the upcoming weeks.

As of now, Dak continues to rehab his thumb, his return will now be determined by how quickly he is able to get the swelling under control and can start throwing the football properly once again. But McCarthy’s latest statement removes the optimism of a speedy return as he is not in a position to even grip the football properly with a swollen thumb. Despite his injury, Dallas continues to fight and that has to be a bit reassuring for Prescott who is also eager to return at the earliest.

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