“It’s time to walk away”: Prominent neuropathologist and father of CTE Dr. Bennet Omalu strongly urges Tua Tagovailoa to RETIRE from the NFL

Dr. Bennet Omalu, the neuropathologist who discovered CTE warns Tua Tagovailoa that he risks severe brain injury if he continues to play football.

Tua Tagovailoa and Dr. Bennet Omalu
Dr. Bennet Omalu humbly requested Tua Tagovailoa to consider retiring from the NFL if he wants to lead a normal life.

The recent hits that Tua Tagovailoa has taken to his head have caused quite the uproar in the NFL and in medical circles. The Miami Dolphins quarterback was first cleared to play by a neurosurgeon affiliated with the NFLPA to start in the game against the Cincinnati Bengals, during the game, the quarterback was sacked and took a big hit which resulted in him lying on the field with his fingers pointed up and moving in a strange manner.

This injury horrified fans across the league, athletes from all teams, and the NFLPA as well. The neurosurgeon responsible for clearing Tua Tagovailoa to play has since been fired from the league’s circles. The quarterback will now be taking some time off to recuperate completely and get on the field only once he is completely ready. However, if it were up to Dr. Bennet Omalu, he would recommend that Tua never step back onto the field out there.

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“If you love your family, walk away”: Bennet Omalu is concerned about the impact of concussions on Tua Tagovailoa’s brain.

Dr. Bennet Omalu and Tua Tagovailoa
Dr. Bennet Omalu and Tua Tagovailoa

Dr. Omalu is a respected neuropathologist who is known for discovering Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE as we know it. If there is any man who knows the impact of hard hits that take place during football games, it is him as he has done more research on this topic than anyone else. Following Tua Tagovailoa’s scary injury, he had an extreme message for the quarterback.

He pushed the quarterback to consider retirement and to stop playing football after he went through a concussion. Tua was seen lifting his fingers and this is called a “fencing response,” he could not even walk back and was stretched off the field. Take a look at Dr. Omalu’s heartfelt message to Tua that he shared via TMZ Sports.

If you love your life, if you love your family, you love your kids; if you have kids, it is time to gallantly walk away. Go find something else to do. Tua, my brother, I love you. I love you as much as I love my son. Stop playing. Stop. Hang your helmet and gallantly walk away. Sometimes money is not more valuable than human life. $20 billion is not worth more than your brain,” the neuropathologist concludes.

Dr. Omalu clearly was disturbed by the events that took place last week and his humble appeal came from the heart, one can tell that despite this rough injury, Tua Tagovailoa will not retire, he is a family man at heart and has on many occasions iterated that he plays for his family and wants to give them all the comfort and happiness in the world. He is clearly looking to accumulate generational wealth from his career in the NFL.

The least Tua can do is to regularly check his brain and consult a reputed neurosurgeon on things he can do to avoid or slow down the onset of CTE. Dr. Omalu was the first to identify the existence of CTE in the brains of deceased athletes and former veterans who served in the military. There is also a hit movie produced documenting the life of Omalu’s work, it is titled Concussion and the lead actor is Will Smith.

Coming to the Miami Dolphins, the team will be without Tua for a week or two and Teddy Bridgewater will be starting in his place. Following the backlash from all circles, the Dolphins and HC Mike McDaniel have decided to give Tua as much time as possible to recover before certifying him as fit enough to play football.

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