WATCH: Nick Saban’s wife ‘Miss Terry’ has a moment with Terrion Arnold after Alabama’s narrow victory in the Iron Bowl

Terrion Arnold nearly had a successful Pick-6 in the dying moments in the latest game of the Iron Bowl.

WATCH: Nick Saban’s wife ‘Miss Terry’ has a moment with Terrion Arnold after Alabama’s narrow victory in the Iron Bowl

Miss Terry and Terrion Arnold (Via X)

Nick Saban‘s wife, Miss Terry, welcomed the defensive back Terrion Arnold with a warm hug after he and his team conquered the Iron Bowl on Saturday. And that’s exactly what the young athlete needed. Moments like this are what make college football more special.

The Iron Bowl, held at the Jordan-Hare Stadium, ought to go crazy, especially with the long-due Alabama-Auburn rivalry. But the actual fun began as the fourth quarter approached when it was probable for Auburn to score the victory. But with a three-score lead, Alabama took the victory from underneath them at 27-24.


Interestingly, in the final play of this mega matchup, it was Arnold whose charm worked. As he picked off Auburn QB Payton Thorne and brought the pass into the end zone, in an attempt to walk off a pick-six and end the game with a 33-24 lead for Alabama Crimson Tide.

As Arnold went out of the boundary near the 3-yard line, the touchdown was later called in for review. That’s why his thrilling and crazy game ended, as Alabama brought home the title of 88th Iron Bowl trophy.

As the game ended, and the defensive back returned, there she was, Miss Terry, waiting for him. Head coach Saban and his wife share a very special bond with the young athlete, or what he calls “kind of buddied.” And they sure looked like one. Arnold went straight to hug her, and she cried with excitement saying “Oh my god!!


What’s the famous Alabama-Auburn rivalry?

The Alabama-Auburn rivalry dates back to 1893, the very first time when Alabama faced off against the Auburn Tigers. At that time, the victory was ultimately claimed by the Tigers, as they won the game 32-32, spilling the first blood of their famous rivalry. Ever since then, these two teams have been working on turning all the cards in their favor against one another.

Alabama vs. Auburn (Via SBNation)

There have been a total of 88 games between Alabama and Auburn, among which the former is leading with 50 victories over the latter. Interestingly, when Auburn had Nick Saban, they resulted in better records than any other SEC team, with a total of eight wins and 13 losses. However, the last time that the team witnessed the Iron Bowl win was in 2019.

After winning the Iron Bowl title, Alabama is now 11-1 this season. They prepare to face off against the Georgia Bulldogs in the SEC championship game.


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