“His future is in limbo”: Nick Wagoner makes shocking comments about Jimmy Garoppolo’s future in the NFL

San Francisco 49ers veteran QB Jimmy Garoppolo is unlikely to be released by the team as they expect to trade him

Jimmy Garoppolo

This year is a rough one for quarterbacks, big-name QBs such as Baker Mayfield and Jimmy Garoppolo are struggling to find a team to play a role on as a starter. The veteran QB had a rough ending to a season where he was fighting to prove that he deserves to be the starting QB for the 49ers over rookie Trey Lance. Jimmy also expressed publicly that he would like to be traded soon after the 2021 NFL season.

However, he still remains on the 49ers roster as he is recovering from shoulder surgery. Due to this, his trade value has also taken a hit. The expectation now is that Jimmy G will not be traded until training camp begins. ESPN expects that the QB will garner trade interest only after he completes his rehab.

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Jimmy Garoppolo was expected to be traded first thing after the loss to the Rams

Jimmy Garoppolo
Jimmy Garoppolo’s future in the league is uncertain

As per analyst Nick Wagoner, “After losing to the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Championship Game, the expectation was that the first big piece of business- trading Garoppolo-would happen quickly, that was before it was known Garoppolo needed a right shoulder injury, a procedure that wiped out his trade value and put his future in limbo.”

In addition to this, “Garoppolo’s shoulder is slated to get the all-clear in late June or early July, at which point the Niners will again seek a trade partner. And though the Niners have said repeatedly that they don’t intend to release Garoppolo, it’s still hard to imagine a scenario in which he is on the roster in Week 1, at least at his current $26.95 million cap number.”

Jimmy Garoppolo
Jimmy Garoppolo

The team appears to be confused as to what to do with the veteran QB. They have sent mixed signals as they have been public about expecting Jimmy G to play somewhere else in this season while also indicating that Trey Lance will need first-team reps this offseason as he is the projected starter for week 1.

The organization appears to keep Jimmy G as a sort of insurance, in case something does not work out. However, considering the amount that the team would need to pay in order to do this, it does not make sense. A potential pay cut is also doubtful to solve this problem. Garoppolo decided to forego the voluntary workouts to start the offseason.

Irrespective of this, Jimmy G’s trade market is limited as every team has a solid starting QB, there are teams that need a better QB such as the Seahawks and the Panthers, however, we will have to wait and watch as it all depends on what the San Francisco 49ers decide to do with him.

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