Patriots HC Bill Belichick sounds off on Rex Ryan after getting humiliated by the Chargers over his ‘Patriot way’ comment

Bill Belichick thinks Rex Ryan he had no idea of what it meant.

Patriots HC Bill Belichick sounds off on Rex Ryan after getting humiliated by the Chargers over his ‘Patriot way’ comment

Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick (via ESPN/The Spun)

The New England Patriots suffered their 10th loss of the season to the Los Angeles Chargers, embarrassingly. The team failed to put any points on the board through touchdowns or field goals while their opponent managed to put up just 6 points. It was more than enough to put the Pats away for good.


Following the painful loss, Bill Belichick was asked his opinion on Rex Ryan‘s criticism of the Patriot Way. The former NFL HC and analyst had called the team out last week after their loss to the NY Giants. Ryan’s biggest criticism of Bill Belichick was that his iconic ‘Patriot Way’ was no longer working.

This team plays like they're exhausted and the Patriot way, that's it, it exhausts these kids. Tom Brady was the only reason you won anyway...I know how draining that is to those kids.

Following the loss against the Chargers, Belichick was asked about Ryan’s statements on The Greg Hill Show. The HC pulled no punches as he made it clear that Rex Ryan had no idea what he was talking about since he was never a part of the Patriots organization and, as a result, had no clue about what the ‘Patriot Way’ actually signified.

Bill Belichick dismissed Rex Ryan’s undue criticism of the ‘Patriot Way’

Belichick said the following,

I'm not really sure what he's talking about. Rex has never been with the Patriots. I'm not really sure what that means either.

The HC made it clear that if an individual has not been on the team in the capacity of a player or a coach, they would not know what the iconic ‘Patriot Way’ is and what it signified.

Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan
Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan (via SI/ESPN)

He further stated that the team and coaching staff were doing their best to prepare players and put them in the best position to win on a weekly basis.

Look, we're going to do the best we can to prepare the team and compete every week so that's what we're going to do.

The Patriots have had a rough run this season. A team that has had winning seasons for nearly the better half of two decades is now going through a losing season.

While there are doubts that the team is attempting to tank to be able to position itself better in the 2024 NFL Draft, they may just be a way to sugarcoat the team’s horrible style of play this season. The team’s offense has been terrible and neither Mac Jones nor Bailey Zappe have been able to save it.


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