Raiders QB Jarrett Stidham’s wife applauds his efforts after a rugged game against the 49ers

Raiders QB Jarrett Stidham’s wife applauds his efforts after a rugged game against the 49ers

Sunday night football was tough for Jarett Stidham and the Las Vegas Raiders. After quite a rugged and robust game, they faced a 34-37 defeat to the San Francisco 49ers. However, Stidham’s wife, Kennedy Stidham, was all up to show love and support for her husband.

Kennedy posted a heartfelt message on her Instagram story dedicated to her husband. Jarett Stidham made his first career start with this game as the Raiders coach Josh McDaniels had benched their other QB Derek Carr earlier this week.

Christmas Vlog from Kennedy Stidham’s YouTube channel

Kennedy and Jarett have been leading a happily married life since 2019. In the Sunday night match, Stidham threw for 365 yards, had three touchdowns, and two interceptions following a 37-34 overtime loss for the Raiders. However, Stidham’s maiden start at the NFL has won everyone’s hearts, even his teammates.

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Jarett Stidham’s wife posts an emotional message for her husband on social media

Jarrett Stidham with his wife Kennedy Stidham at Allegiant Stadium [Image Credits – NYPost]

Kennedy Stidham has got the ‘awws’ from every fan with her emotional post for her husband Jarrett Stidham. After a phenomenal performance by Stidham, the Las Vegas Raiders faced an unfortunate loss to the San Francisco 49ers by 34-37 in overtime. Jarrett’s better half knew how to encourage her husband.


On her Instagram story, Kennedy posted, “So. Beyond. Proud. No matter what. We love you”. She posted a picture with their baby daughter, reflecting on their happy and vivid family.

Kennedy Stidham’s story on Instagram

Jarett Stidham’s teammate, wide receiver Davante Adams, also praised his performance in that match. According to ESPN, Adams said, ” I think every single person on the team said, ‘Man, get out of here with that. You balled out and you did your thing”.

Kennedy was also featured cheering for her husband while he was at his absolute best performance. Here is a glimpse of her being featured on the CBS broadcast.


Raiders coach McDaniels has also applauded Stidham for his performance. At the post-game, he said,

He knows what to do, he’s been in our system a long time and has that grasp of it. Understands what to do. I thought he executed a lot f things the right way today. Gave our guys a chance to make some plays down the field”

After this game, the Raiders will look forward to their final match against the Chiefs this Saturday.


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