Robert Saleh confirms Tim Boyle will get another chance to start as Jets’ starting QB against the Falcons next week

The Jets will be benched Zach Wilson for the second week in a row.

Robert Saleh confirms Tim Boyle will get another chance to start as Jets’ starting QB against the Falcons next week

Tim Boyle and Robert Saleh (via Reuters)

The New York Jets will be sticking with their third-string quarterback for the second-consecutive week in a row. It appears that the team is finally way past Zach Wilson. They are no longer interested in continuing with him. Head Coach Robert Saleh confirmed Tim Boyle will be starting for the team yet again while addressing reporters ahead of the team’s matchup against the Atlanta Falcons.


The expectations for Tim Boyle were pretty much non-existent. He did fair for his first start, throwing for 179 yards, 1 touchdown, and two interceptions. The Jets have struggled all season long. The team’s offensive line combined with Zach Wilson‘s inconsistency has hindered the offense from taking off this season.

Yeah, we're giving Timmy a chance to roll again next week.
Robert Saleh on Saturday as per ESPN’s Rich Cimini

Boyle’s first start in the NFL did make history as the quarterback’s Hail Mary play ended up in an interception and a 99-yard touchdown from cornerback Jevon Holland. The 29-year-old quarterback has been a journeyman throughout his career. He does come as a breath of fresh air for the Jets as the team gets an opportunity to go with a different approach.

Tim Boyle could end up starting for the Jets for the remainder of the season

Boyle got his first start since 2021, back when he was on the Detroit Lions. The quarterback is yet to get his first win as a starter in the NFL. This is the second time in his career that he will be in the same QB room as Aaron Rodgers. Back in 2018, Boyle signed with the Packers as an undrafted free agent.

Zach Wilson and Robert Saleh
Zach Wilson is no longer a viable option for the Jets. (via AP)

He has since played for the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears. This season has been the polar opposite of what the Jets had anticipated. Zach Wilson has improved from last year, but the young QB does deserve some benefit of the doubt.

As per the team’s blueprint for this season, Wilson was not supposed to start in a single game. This year, he was meant to sit back and learn from Aaron Rodgers.

The Jets are taking it on a week-by-week basis when it comes to deciding their quarterback. Robert Saleh is hoping to finish the NFL season off with a record decent enough to slip into the playoffs. They rank third in the AFC East behind the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills.

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