Tom Brady takes a dig at C.J. Stroud over his bet after Michigan eased past Ohio State 30-24

Brady offered one of his Super Bowl rings to C.J. Stroud if Michigan lost the game against Ohio State.

Tom Brady takes a dig at C.J. Stroud over his bet after Michigan eased past Ohio State 30-24

Tom Brady and C.J. Stroud (Via Imago)

Looks like Tom Brady‘s Super Bowl ring remains secured, as Michigan Wolverines scored an exciting 30-24 victory over rival Ohio State Buckeyes. The Wolverine-Buckeyes rivalry is known quite promptly in the world of college football. Amidst their final play of the regular season, Ohio State’s alumni C.J. Stroud made a bet with the legend and Wolverine’s alumni Tom Brady.

As the game was already intense because of the team’s long-time rivalry, it became more thrilling when the seven-time Super Bowl champion bet with the current star rookie quarterback of Houston Texans. During an episode of Let’s Go! podcast, Brady hosted Stroud, where they jokingly tossed a bet on the mega college matchup of their former teams.


The former Wolverine quarterback was so confident in his former team that he offered one of his Super Bowl rings to Stroud if they lost the game. On the other hand, Stroud would have to give up his youth and stellar attributions.

If Ohio State wins … you get one of my Super Bowl rings. And if Michigan beats Ohio State, then you got to give me all your youth, your agility, your time in the 40 (yard dash) and all your future years in the NFL. How about that?
Brady to Stroud

Stroud replied, saying,

That's a bet.

Fortunately for Brady, Michigan stood by his words and scored a thrilling victory over their rivals, Ohio State. However, even though Stroud made the bet, he never actually planned to take the legend’s Super Bowl ring, as he plans to win his own. Brady however didn’t fail to take a dig at Stroud after the intense college football matchup.

Smart move not taking the bet @CJ7STROUD. At least you keep the rocket arm and 4.4 40 time
Brady on X

What are the chances of C.J. Stroud winning a Super Bowl like Tom Brady?

Houston Texans drafted the star rookie Stroud in the 2nd overall pick this year’s NFL draft. Although the team has never won a Super Bowl in the franchise’s history, with Stroud, it sure looks like leading to one. Even in his rookie year, Stroud has already been a part of the MVP conversation because of his excellent performance in the Texans.

C.J. Stroud
C.J. Stroud (Via Imago)

As Texans for sure plan to claim a Super Bowl title, their dream could finally come true with quarterback Stroud. He seems like the signal caller for Houston, who can take them to the Super Bowl, like how the legend Brady took the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Super Bowl in 2021.


Brady, who has won a total of seven Super Bowl titles and five MVPs, his career sure is a fantasy for every NFL player. Just like it is for Stroud, whose biggest dream is the conquer a Super Bowl.

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